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Hands-Free Capillary Isoelectric Focusing (cIEF) (WCBP 2012)

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The well-characterized biopharmaceutical requires an assessment of charge heterogeneity. Techniques like IEF gels, ion exchange chromatography, and traditional capillary IEF all have benefits, but each one has its own set of challenges. Imaged cIEF (ProteinSimple's iCE IEF Analyzer) combines the best of these three worlds by providing rapid analysis, platform methods, and simple method development. For cIEF analysis, samples are pre-mixed with carrier ampholytes, pI markers, and other additives. Although iCE IEF Analyzer offers rapid analysis and high throughput, some proteins can still experience degradation when exposed to these conditions for extended periods. On-Board Sample Preparation with the new iCE3 IEF Analyzer solves this problem. The system prepares the sample immediately prior to injection, limiting sample exposure to cIEF buffers and preventing degradation. As an additional benefit, automated sample preparation eliminates tedious pipetting. Simply load your sample and go. This poster presents the application of On-Board Sample Preparation to the analysis of proteins.

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