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An Even Faster iCE Method (CE Pharm 2012)

Scientific Meeting Posters

Platform methods, high throughput and ease of use have made the iCE system the gold standard for protein charge heterogeneity characterization for biopharmaceuticals. At 15-18 minutes per sample, iCE methods are fast and simple. However, biopharmaceutical companies are always looking for higher throughput.


In this poster, we investigate a new rapid iCE method that utilizes a new column coating, eliminating the need for high viscosity polymer additives. By eliminating the viscous polymer additives, the column rinsing and sample injection cycles can be reduced from 2.5 minutes to 25 seconds. The required focusing time can also be reduced by 2-3 minutes for a high resolution monoclonal antibody platform method. The peak pattern and resolution of the new column coating is compared to the FC coating in the current iCE cartridge. The new column coating provides high resolution while increasing sample throughput to 10 minute per sample.

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