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Enrichment of High Titer CHO Cells

Application Notes

Application Notes Summary

The Namocell Single Cell Dispenser was used to sort and dispense harvested primary human memory B cells for gene expression comparison.

This application note compares traditional methods of cell sorting for generating high titer cell lines for monoclonal biotherapeutics with the microfluidics-based cell sorting using the Namocell™ Single Cell Dispenser. By isolating high-producing clones based on fluorescently tagged surface markers, this method expedites the screening process and improves the throughput of cell line generation. Traditional FACS instruments use high sorting pressure that can result in low cell viability and are not well suited to isolating subpopulations of rare frequencies whereas Namocell single cell dispensers present an alternative to traditional FACS methods. Operating at a gentle pressure of less than 2 psi, Namocell instruments can rapidly screen millions of cells while preserving cell viability, leading to more efficient and robust enrichment of high titer CHO cells.

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