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Accelerate Your Cell and Gene Therapies

Immunoassays play a critical role throughout cell and gene therapy development, helping researchers quickly and accurately measure viral vectors, assess quality attributes, and investigate immune responses. To meet the growing demand for fast and reproducible data, scientists are increasingly turning to more automated assay platforms, giving them the analytical tools they need to boost throughput, reduce variability, and accelerate time to results.

The Immunoassay Automation eBook provides an inside look at how new automated assay platforms like Ella are providing improved assay sensitivity and reproducibility while addressing issues of workflow and ease of use. Read the deep-dive interview with leading managers at PROGEN about what is driving the need for fast, efficient, and robust viral titer measurements in drug discovery and development.

Download the eBook and learn about:

  • The primary advantages of using automated assay solutions for measuring viral titers
  • Key criteria to consider when choosing an automated assay platform
  • Common use case scenarios for automated assays in cell and gene therapy research

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