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Assay Development on the NanoPro Platform: 4E-BP1 and 4E-BP2 (SBS 2010)

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We present the development of novel nanoimmunoassays for the translational repressor proteins 4E-BP1 and 4E-BP2 using NanoPro technology. Both the PI3 kinase/Akt pathway and FRAP/mTOR kinase pathway regulate 4E-BP1 activity, making 4E-BP1 a focal point for these two important signaling pathways. 4E-BP2 regulation is poorly understood, partially due to the lack of specific anti-phospho 4E-BP2 antibodies. Our assay, developed on the Cell Biosciences NanoPro platform, enables detailed differential investigation of 4E-BP1 and 4E-BP2 phosphorylation and signal transduction.

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