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Application Brief 1003: PAK2 NanoPro Assay

Application Notes

Application Notes Summary

The p21 activated kinases (PAK) proteins are a family of serine/threonine kinases that serve as targets for the small GTP binding proteins, CDC42 and RAC1, and have been implicated in a wide range of biological activities. PAK2 is a member of the PAK subfamily 1 including PAK1 (α-PAK), PAK2 (γ-PAK, PAKθ, hPAK65), and PAK3 (β-PAK). The kinase domains within a subfamily show a high degree of sequence identity, and all PAK proteins bind GTP-bound Rho family members at the amino-terminal p21-binding domain (PBD). Our data in HeLa cells show a pattern of 5 peaks using a pan PAK1/2/3 antibody of which two are picked up consistently by 3 different specific PAK2 antibodies identifying them as PAK2 peaks.

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