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Application Brief 1002: AKT NanoPro Assay

Application Notes

Application Notes Summary

AKT, also referred to as PKB or Rac, plays a critical role in controlling survival and apoptosis. This protein kinase is activated by insulin and various growth and survival factors to function in a Wortmannin-sensitive pathway involving PI3 kinase. Activation at Thr309 and Ser473 are the main activating phosphorylation events for AKT. The main isoforms identified so far are AKT1, 2 and 3. AKT3 is mainly expressed in the brain. AKT1 and 2 play differential roles in glucose homeostasis. Our data show increased phosphorylation of AKT using a phospho-Ser743 specific antibody. This antibody is believed to recognize phospho-Ser473 on all three AKT isoforms (see Cell Signaling Technologies data sheet).

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