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Protein and Antibody Characterization

iCE and Simple Western systems let you characterize antibodies using a wide range of techniques. Monitoring antibody specificity, clonal screening, or charge heterogeneity analysis is what we're best at!

iCE Protein and antibody characterization


Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies need accurate characterization of charge heterogeneity. iCE systems give you the high resolution, rapid analysis, and generic methods you need for quick and easy characterization of charge variants. Free solution IEF in a capillary column (cIEF) lets you detect focused protein zones in 10 minutes flat, and high resolution translates to simple, accurate quantitation of protein charge variants—making iCE ideal for the analysis of monoclonal antibodies.

Simple Western Protein and antibody characterization

Simple Western

Simple Western assays let you characterize single- and dual-phosphorylated isoforms at their expected pIs. You'll also be able to quantitate biological responses using both size and charge techniques. And the best part? You only need a few nanoliters of sample!