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Complete Solutions for Your Neuroscience Tissue Analysis Needs

Analyzing complex neural tissue often presents researchers with unique challenges such as low analyte levels, numerous potential interfering factors, and limited sample volume. We recognize that you need to get the most out of your neural samples and that you expect a lot from the analytical approach you choose. Our combined decades of experience have produced both scientific gold standards and market-leading innovations to support your detection and analysis goals, and at unprecedented speeds.

Western Blot

Tools for Effective Western Blot Experiments

Western blot is an essential protein analytical technique routinely used in neuroscience research. Bio-Techne brings together antibodies, loading controls, ECL detection reagents, imaging systems and analysis software to make planning your Western blot experiments easier.

Western Blot

When You Want More from Your Westerns

Sometimes, you need a more in-depth analysis of the proteins in your sample than what can be done with traditional Western blot. Bio-Techne’s ProteinSimple brand offers many solutions to your protein analysis problems. ProteinSimple Simple Western™ is the only gel-free, blot-free, hands-free capillary-based immunoassay platform that allows you to separate and analyze proteins by size or charge via an entirely automated protein separation and detection process. 

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Run Western Blots on Individual Cells

Single-cell protein expression information is often critical to understand the composition and behavior of complex biological samples. ProteinSimple Milo™ lets you do Western blotting at the single-cell level using off-the-shelf Western-validated antibodies.

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Single-Cell Analysis

Discover the Single-Cell Proteome in Your Complex Sample

ProteinSimple® Milo™ is the first Single-Cell Western platform. Use off-the-shelf Western-validated antibodies to measure protein expression heterogeneity in ~1,000 cells. Or use Milo to multiplex 12+ targets in each single cell or identify and quantify cell subtypes in complex samples.

Single-Cell Westerns on the Milo Instrument

Get Single-Cell Resolution of Gene Expression

Advanced Cell Diagnostics (ACD) RNAscopeTMin situ Hybridization (ISH) Assays enable precise cell-specific localization of RNA transcripts of any gene in any tissue. It also has multiplexing capabilities allowing you to characterize cell populations within neural tissue.

Single Analyte Immunoassays

The Industry’s Gold Standard ELISA Kits

R&D Systems® ready-to-use Quantikine® ELISA Kits are a complete solution for measuring target analyte concentrations. Exhaustively tested for superior quality and reproducibility, our ELISAs are considered the industry’s gold standard.

Single Analyte Immunoassays for Neural Cell and Tissue Analysis

A Flexible, Budget-Friendly Option

R&D Systems® DuoSet® ELISA Development Kits allow you to develop the immunoassay that you need using our gold-standard ELISA reagents. They are an economical alternative to buying separate antibodies and protein standards when complete kits are not an option, 

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Multianalyte Immunoassays

Your Next Generation ELISA

ProteinSimple® Simple Plex™ Assays combine performance and workflow in a fully automated, multianalyte immunoassay. Powered by R&D Systems® antibodies, these assays, which have a 3 to 5 log dynamic range and single-digit inter- and intra-assay CV values, are run on Ella™ in under 90 minutes.

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Multianalyte Immunoassays for Immune Response Profiling

Get the Most out of Your Limited Samples

R&D Systems® Proteome Profiler™ Antibody Arrays offer a quick and cost-effective way to identify expression changes of up to 119 analytes in a single sample. This simple technology doesn’t require any specialized equipment. If your lab is set up for Western blotting, then you can use our antibody arrays.

Customizable Assays Using Luminex® Technology

R&D Systems® Luminex® Assays and Luminex® High Performance Assays offers you flexible assay options while utilizing the trusted Luminex® xMAP® technology. Whether you need increased capacity or high precision, require preconfigured panels or a customizable menu, or want the kit to be pre-mixed or mixed by you, we have an assay that fits your needs.

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