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Navigate Heterogeneity & Characterize Unique Expression Profiles

Dissecting a web of cell-types, interactions, and specific gene and protein expression profiles is central to the identification of predictive markers for clinical translation. We offer versatile and innovative tools for the visualization of cell morphology, target localization, and expression of RNA or protein in live cells, fixed cells, or tissue.

Cell Imaging (ICC/IF)

Define cellular morphology and intracellular components, selectively track cell types, and precisely visualize target protein markers with a wide range of solutions.

Tumor Imaging (ISH/IHC) 

New targets within the tumor microenvironment (TME) continue to emerge but our understanding of immune cell types and interactions in the TME is limited due to a lack of reliable tools for investigation.

  • Advance your detection and profiling capabilities with our innovative RNAscope™ Technology:
    • Profile mRNA and protein colocalization
    • Detect multiple immune checkpoint markers
    • Characterize tumor immune cell infiltration by detecting co-expression of cytokines/chemokines and immune cell markers
    • Analyze predictive and pharmacodynamic biomarkers
    • Examine cell type-specific and conditional genetic modifications
  • Multiplex protein targets directly using dye-conjugated IHC primary antibodies or conjugatable Janelia Fluor® Dyes