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Tools for Detecting Glycans, Glycoproteins and Proteoglycans Custom Glycobiology Solutions

Glycans play critical roles in a number of biological functions including: cell recogniton, signaling, proliferation and migration. We provide the largest selection of high quality reagents and assays for detecting glycans, glycoproteins, and proteoglycans in cells and tissues.

IHC of paraffin embedded tissue for Glycobiology

Custom Glycobiology Solutions

We provide a number of services including:

  • Intact mass determination
  • Glycosylation and post-translational modification characterization
  • Disulfide mapping
  • Protein ID services by mass spectrometry
  • N-glycan modification lot specific foot-printing
  • Antibody Services and Panels
  • Bioactivity Testing Services
  • Chemistry Services
  • Custom Cell Culture Services
  • Custom cDNA Cloning
  • ELISA Services
  • Luminex Services
  • Protein Services
  • Ubiquitin/Proteosome Custom Services
Bio-Techne Scientists can help with custom glycobiology needs

Featured Publications

"A Simple, User-Friendly Protocol for Fluorescence Imaging"

This user-friendly protocol describes a simple protocol for imaging O-GlcNAc in cultured cells. Our technology takes advantage of the selective action of glycosyltransferases on substrate glycans to provide the most specific glycan visualization assay on the market. Protocols are guidelines. Parameters need to be optimized by end users.

"A Decade of Glycobiology: From R&D Systems to Bio-Techne"

This white paper summarizes nearly a decade of peer-reviewed research by Bio-Techne scientists. Over the years, R&D Systems and its sister brands have produced an ever increasing array of cell biology research products including proteins, antibodies, assays, cell culture reagents, and equipment. Meanwhile, in addition to developing the highest quality products for the market, Bio-Techne’s scientists have consistently published peer reviewed research independently and in collaboration with academic investigators. You will see that our team has consistently worked at the leading edge of glycobiology research and product development. The objective of our glycobiology research and development enterprise is to expedite your understanding of the central role of glycosylation in biology.