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Integrated Co-Detection Workflow Co-Detection

The Integrated Co-Detection Workflow (ICW) Assays, or RNA-Protein Co-Detection Assays allow researchers to simultaneously examine cell-type specific gene expression and identify cellular sources of secreted proteins with spatial resolution. 

As with other RNAscope ISH technology assays, you can detect your targets of interest, spatially within the tissue microenvironment and enable visualization of cell margins and RNA targets, and combine a wider range of antibodies with RNA ISH, thereby allowing researchers to acquire more data and conserve precious samples. 

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RNA-Protein Co-Detection Workflow

Validate antibody specificity.

Correlate RNA-Protein expression and visualize cell margin and RNA targets.

Detect non-coding RNA in target cells and determine the spatial location of secreted proteins within the cell.

Acquire more data and conserve precious samples.