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RNAscope ISH Technology Automated Assays

Leica Biosystems Inc.

In this strategic partnership, we have developed an automated RNA ISH workflow for the Leica BOND Rx IHC ISH platform

Roche Tissue Diagnostics

We have developed an automated RNA ISH workflow solution for use with the Ventana and Benchmark ISH & IHC Staining platforms

The RNAscope in situ Hybridization Technology can be applied for both manual and automated protocols.  For high throughput or an automated solution, ACD partnered with Leica Biosystems and Roche Tissue Diagnostics, to deliver RNAscope ISH Technology Automated Assays.  

When developing the RNAscope ISH Technology for Automated Assays, we produced RNAscope 2.5 Assays, available in Brown, Red and Multiplex, RNAscope 2.5 LS Reagent Kits, RNAscope LS Duplex Reagent Kits, BaseScope and miRNAscope Assays for the Leica automated IHC ISH Platform. 

RNAscope ISH Technology Automated Assays were also developed for the Roche Tissue Diagnostics ISH & IHC Staining Platforms in the form of RNAscope VS Universal HRP and AP, Duplex and BaseScope VS Assays.