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Human Immuno-oncology Luminex® Performance Panel - Available Now

  • Gain insight into your immuno-oncology research faster with the new Human Immuno-oncology Luminex® Performance Panel. 

  • This multiplex assay provides sample-saving benefits and trustworthy results to assist in your research. 

Quantist Luminex software for Luminex data analysis

Quantist - Now Available!

  • From complexity to insight, the new Quantist software provides fast, convenient, and reliable data analysis for your multiplex assays. 

  • Compatible with all available Luminex® instruments, Quantist software is designed to allow for research of dozens of analytes with ease. 

Luminex Mouse Cytokine Panel

Mouse XL Cytokine Assay Performance Panel Available Now!

  • The largest customizable mouse Luminex assay providing you with 45 biomarkers

  • The panel is provided in multiple format options including premix, user mix, and fixed

  • 7 exclusive targets: EGF, FGF-basic, Flt-3 Ligand, GDF-15, IL-1ra, IL-11 & LDL R. 

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Luminex® is a Registered Trademark of Luminex Corporation.