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Refer Simple Western and Get 3 Free Simple Western Kits and a RePlex Module

Participate in Our Simple Western Promotional Offer

1. Refer your friend to Simple Western™ by any of the following ways:

  • Make a direct introduction to a Simple Western Sales Representative
  • Have your colleague enter “Friend Referral by” and include your name and number in the comments when requesting a quote
  • Have your colleague mention they were referred by you when purchasing a Simple Western Instrument
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    2. Receive your Free Simple Western Kits and RePlex™ Module

    • Once an instrument is purchased a sales representative will contact you to ship your free Simple Western Kits and a RePlex Module, so you can advance your protein characterization data.


    Terms and Conditions

    This offer is limited to customers in North America & EMEA.

    New instrument must be purchased by a colleague outside of the group of the referring customer (i.e., cannot be used for repeat instrument orders by the same group). 

    Simple Western Kits can be selected from the following:

    • SM-W001 – SM-W012
    • SM-FL01 – SM-FL06
    • SM-S001 – SM-S003
    • DM-001 – DM-010
    • DM-013 – DM-016

    Offer expires on March 17th, 2023.

    Simple Western smw002 kit