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Tocriscreen Epigenetics 3.0

Tocris Bioscience a Bio-Techne Brand

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Introduction to Tocris

Key Product Details

Description: A library of 160 epigenetic compounds (100 μL, 10 mM DMSO solutions) for high throughput screening, high content screening and chemical biology applications
Key Format Details:
  • 96-well racks with Matrix storage tubes & SepraSeal caps
  • Pre-dissolved in DMSO
  • Exceptional purity
  • Many compounds are exclusive to Tocris
  • Full chemical and biological data available
  • Proven solubility, biological activity and stability in DMSO
Target Classes Covered by the Tocriscreen Epigenetics Library

The Tocriscreen Epigenetics Compound Library contains bioactive compounds covering a diverse range of molecular targets within the following categories: epigenetic writers (43%), transcription modulators (23%), epigenetic erasers (19%), and epigenetic readers (16%).

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