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Oxidative Phosphorylation Uncouplers Small Molecule

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Description: Oxidative phosphorylation uncoupler
Chemical Name: Carbonyl cyanide 3-chlorophenylhydrazone
Purity: ≥98% (HPLC)

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  • Mitochondrial studies in live neurons
    Name: Karthik krishnamurthy | 24th Oct 2018
    Species: Rat
    Assay Type: In Vitro
    Cell Line/Tissue: spinal cord neurons
    TMRM fluorescence intensity before and after CCCP addition was used for the quantitation of change in mitochondrial membrane potential in spinal cord neurons induced by glutamate receptor agonist AMPA
    Time lapse images of TMRM fluorescence of mitochondria rich regions in neurons was recorded. The fluorescence intensity (F) at a given time point was normalized to the initial fluorescence intensity (F0) before addition of the AMPA. At the end of each experiment CCCP (750 nM) was added to the bath. CCCP collapses the mitochondrial membrane potential and decreases the TMRM fluorescence.
    Mitochondrial studies in live neurons Serum 0452

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