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MFI 5000 Series

Bio-Techne includes ProteinSimple | Catalog # 4000-011-001

MFI 5100 Flow Microscope System - Image-based Particle Analysis for Biopharmaceuticals
MFI provides you with the most accurate picture of protein aggregation in your sample

Micro-Flow Imaging: Image-based Particle Analysis for Biopharmaceuticals

MFI™ gives you more insight into the world of sub-visible particles—way more than just size and count. Because it's image-based, you can add quantifiable morphological parameters to your analysis. You'll be differentiating particle populations from each other and classifying them in no time. Plus, it's got an optic focal length that spans the entire fluidic path, so your sample data is robust and reproducible day in and day out. Add a Bot1 anytime to automate the whole process and kick your throughput up a notch. If you're looking for broader, deeper analysis of your biotherapeutic products, MFI is the particle analysis tool for you.

Sub-visible particle analysis

See particles and protein aggregates for the first time with MFI. Lately, regulatory agencies have been focusing on sub-visible particles because of the risk they pose to patient safety. See how MFI's accurate reporting of particle size, shape and concentration can help you address these new regulatory requirements. Washing, rinsing, and sampling are automated allowing for overnight runs and repeatability.

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Testimonials from your Peers for Micro-flow Imaging (MFI)

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"As a biosimilar company, we investigate whether our products are similar to reference material, and use the MFI to perform comparability and stability. We must test samples from a variety of sources... for all these samples, we chose the automated MFI with Bot1 because a manual-only system just wouldn't have enough throughput."

Yuhwa Lee, Research Engineer, Samsung Bioepis

"We’re able to do extended analysis with images provided by MFI and then bridge this data with other techniques to identify and rapidly classify particles in solution. This helps our clients understand their products better and ensure they are providing the highest quality product to their patients."

Amber Fradkin, Ph.D., Associate Director, Particle Characterization Core Facility, KBI Biopharma

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More Information About MFI 5000 Series

How does MFI work?

Micro-Flow Imaging™ combines the direct imaging capabilities of digital microscopy with the precise control of microfluidics. What does that get you? High resolution images with 85% sampling efficiency, more precise counts and sizing with full morphological detail for all sub-visible particles in your sample and the complete confidence that you can accurately identify every possible type—from protein aggregates to air bubbles.

Images of the sample are captured as it passes through the flow cell's sensing zone. Every particle in every image is then analyzed to create a database of particle count, size, transparency and morphology (or shape). And you'll have visual verification on the spot, as images are displayed in real-time. You can also display the results for many samples at once, which makes it easy to monitor stability and comparability.

MFI Diagram of the Micro-Flow Imaging Process Including Digital Camera, Optics, Samples, and Flow Cell
Description MFI 5100 MFI 5200
Size Range 2 to 300 µm 1 to 70 µm
Percent of Sample Analyzed >85% — entire size range >85% — entire size range
Depth of Field (DOF) 400 µm 100 µm
Flow Cell Depth 400 µm — DOF matched 100 µm — DOF matched
Analysis Rate 200 µL/min 150 µL/min
Maximum Concentration (@2.5 µm) 175,000 particles/mL 900,000 particles/mL
Automation High Throughput Bot1 Autosampler (optional)
Sample Loading Options Pipette tip: 1 mL manual insertion, 1 mL Autosampler Syringe barrel
2 mL, 10 mL, 20 mL manual insertion
BD Hypak™ Syringe Introduction Adapter: 1 mL, 2 mL
Flow Cell Coatings Non-coated, hydrophobic, custom
Precision Stirring Variable speed control: 200-2,000 RPM
Compatible with syringe barrel usage
Data Output Chart formats: histograms, scatterplots, trend charts
Image formats: uncompressed TIFF(analysis), compressed JPG(storage)
Particle Count Parameters Particle count, concentration, mass, volume
Morphology Parameters Size (ECD), maximum feret diameter, aspect ratio, circularity, area, perimeter, intensity
Customized Analysis Filters Combine two or more image and count parameters in a filter, for up to 511 different custom analysis filters
MFI View System Software (MVSS) See product brochure for full details Method-based analysis protocols
Time - resolved analysis and data compression for storage
21 CFR Part 11 enabling features
Secure access with comprehensive audit / log files
Fully compatible with MFI View Analysis Suite(MVAS)
MFI View Analysis Suite (MVAS) See product brochure for full details Review images, parametric data and trend charts
Isolate sub - populations using find - similar function
Create multi - node filters with real - time feedback
Overlay and compare data sets
Generate comprehensive reports with multiple categories
Create analysis templates for repeat use
Dimensions MFI 5000 Alone: 23.97 in W X 17.01 in D X 12.00 in H
With Bot1 Autosampler: 23.97 in W X 17.01 in D X 26.20 in H