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Luminex MAGPIX w/xPONENT 4.3

Luminex MAGPIX Instrument with xPONENT 4.3
Discontinued Product
MAGPIX-XPON42 has been discontinued. View all MAGPIX Instrument products.

More Information About Luminex MAGPIX w/xPONENT 4.3

MAGPIX Quick Guide

Download and view Magpix instrument and software quick guide for routine setup instructions. For detailed instructions refer to the instrument user manual or the Luminex Xponent software user manual.

Description MAGPIX xPONENT 4.3 System
Core Instrument MAGPIX bead reader with: Sample probe-needle; Off plate reagent block; Waste bottle; Sample probe height adjustment kit; Access door tool; Documentation
Available Power Cords (pick one nation) USA, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Israel, UK, Italy, Japan, India, China, S. Africa, Argentina, Korea, Taiwan
Bar-code scanner Optional, at no charge with purchase of new system
Heater Block (96-well plate) Optional, at no charge with purchase of new system
Included Software xPONENT 4.3 (3 seats)
Allele-call module (3 seats)
Remote Web Monitoring module (3 seats)
Optional Software (extra charges apply) LIS integration module
Automation interface module
Basic Security Module
21 CFR Part 11 Module (supersedes Basic Security)
Additional seats
Reagents Included MPX-CAL-K25, qty 1 (separately shipped)
MPX-PVER-K25, qty 1 (separately shipped)
MagPix Drive Fluid, qty 2 (ships with MAGPIX)
PC with Win 7 32-bit, US English PC, Desktop, USFF, WIN 7 with XPON 4.2
Dell Optiplex "Ultra Small Form Factor "
Dell Warranty Transfer
Stand, All-In-One Monitor/PC USFF
Dell 19 " LCD monitor
Dell sound-bar
Dell Keyboard & mouse
PC Laptop, WIN7 with XPON4.3
Dell Latitude
Dell Warranty Transfer

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