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Luminex INTELLIFLEX DR-SE, Dual Reporter

Compact and versatile automation solution

The xMAP® INTELLIFLEX is a new compact, versatile, and flow-based multiplexing platform. Featuring an embedded PC and touchscreen with a significantly reduced footprint, the INTELLIFLEX system provides an intuitive data acquisition solution. With the proven performance of xMAP technology and enhanced performance, the INTELLIFLEX instrument will empower assay development and simplify the user experience.
  • Multiplexing: Up to 500 analytes in a single sample volume
  • Broad Dynamic Range: >5.5 logs reducing repeats due to out-of-range values
  • Dual Reporter: Acquire two parameters per target, saving time and sample. Reporter one excitation at 532nm and reporter two excitation at 405nm.
  • Intuitive UI: Easy-to-use interface which empowers you to optimize workflows, gather performance insights, and export data into common analysis tools.
  • Compact Footprint: Smaller size and onboard PC and touchscreen interface saves bench space
  • Read Time: 96-well plate in < 20 min; 384-well plate in <75 min

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