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Luminex FLEXMAP 3D w/xPONENT 4.3

Bio-Techne includes R&D Systems | Catalog # FLEXMAP-3D-RUO


Advanced, versatile and high throughput

The FLEXMAP 3D is Luminex's most advanced and versatile multiplexing platform. Fast read time, compatibility with 96- and 384-well plates, and ease of integration with front-end automation systems make the FLEXMAP 3D the platform of choice for high-throughput applications..
  • Multiplexing: Up to 500 analytes in a single sample volume
  • Dynamic Range (Typical): >4.5 logs
  • Read Time: 96-well plate in < 20 min (up to 144,000 tests/hour); 384-well plate in<75 min (up to 153,600 tests/hour)
  • Daily Start-Up/Shut-Down: < 30 min

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"We were fortunate to be able to test these Luminex porcine panels early in our research effort. Once we could see the measurements we were getting on the plates, we knew we had found what we were looking for. The panels ended up making a huge difference in the outcome of the study."

Elizabeth Rick, Research Scientist, Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU)

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More Information About Luminex FLEXMAP 3D w/xPONENT 4.3

FLEXMAP Quick Guide

Download and view FLEXMAP instrument and software quick guide for routine setup instructions. For detailed instructions refer to the instrument user manual or the Luminex Xponent software user manual.

Part Number FLEXMAP-3D-RUO
Sample Required FLEXMAP 3D xPONENT 4.3 System
Core Instrument FLEXMAP 3D flow based bead reader with: Sample probe-needle; Off plate reagent block; Waste container; Sample probe height adjustment tool; Barcode Scanner; Heater Block 96-well; Heater Block 386- well; Documentation
Available Power Cords (pick one nation) USA, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Israel, UK, Italy, Japan, India, China, S. Africa, Argentina, Korea, Taiwan, Pakistan
Included Software xPONENT 4.3 (3 seats) Allele-call module (3 seats) Remote Web Monitoring module (3 seats)
Optional Software (extra charges apply) LIS integration module Automation interface module Basic Security Module 21 CFR Part 11 Module (supersedes Basic Security) Additional seats
Reagents Included F3D-CAL-K25, qty 1 (separately shipped) F3D-PVER-K25, qty 1 (separately shipped) Sheath Fluid (20L) qty 1 (Ships with FLEXMAP 3D)
PC with Win 7 32-bit, US English PC, Desktop, USFF, WIN 7 with XPON 4.3 Dell OptiPlex 7010 “Ultra Small Form Factor” Dell Warranty Transfer Arm Mounted ELO 19” Touch Screen Monitor AX2010 USB Stereo Speaker System Keyboard & Mouse