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Porcine Luminex® Discovery Assay Best Seller

Bio-Techne includes R&D Systems | Catalog # LXSAPM

Porcine Luminex Discovery Panel Standard Curves
Porcine Luminex Discovery Assay Serum Sample Values
Porcine Luminex Discovery Assay

Luminex Discovery Assays

Luminex Discovery Assays provide the most flexible assays on the market. These panels are completely customizable using our large menu of human, mouse, and rat analytes, making them the perfect tool for biomarker discovery and screening.

Build your own Luminex Assay with our Luminex Assay Customization Tool.

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Key Product Details

Assay Type: Magnetic bead-based multiplex assay for the Luminex® platform
Format: 1 x 96-well microplate and magnetic antibody-coated beads
Species: Porcine
Analytes Detected: Select from over 19 analytes to build your custom panel using our assay customization tool below.

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FAQs for Porcine Luminex® Discovery Assay

  • Is the reconstituted standard a concentrate?

    For Discovery Assays, each standard cocktail is a concentrate upon reconstitution with the volume specified on the Certificate of Analysis (CoA). After creating Standard 1 following the table in the product insert, the Standard 1 value is the concentration listed on the CoA.

Product Documents for Porcine Luminex® Discovery Assay

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