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N21-MAX Media Supplement (50X)

R&D Systems, Inc. a Bio-Techne Brand

Key Product Details

N21-MAX Media Supplement (50X)_AR008
N21-MAX Reduces Spontaneous Stress Rod Formation.
Improved Resolution of Rod Induction in Neurons Cultured in N21-MAX.
N21-MAX Media Supplement Enhances Synaptic Development.
Synaptotagmin and CAM Kinase II Expression in Neurons Cultured in Media Supplemented with N21-MAX.
Increased Synaptic Puncta and Neurite Outgrowth of Primary Neurons Cultured in N21-MAX.
N21-MAX Media Supplement Increases Efficiency of Pancreatic Cell Differentiation. 
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Assay Procedure

Refer to the product datasheet for complete product details.

Briefly, completed N21-MAX-supplemented medium is prepared using the following procedure:

  • Dilute the media supplement in basal media
  • Store completed media
  • Use within 2 weeks

Reagents Provided

Reagents provided in the N21-MAX Media Supplement (Catalog # AR008):

  • Albumin (bovine)
  • L-Carnitine
  • Catalase
  • Corticosterone
  • Ethanolamine
  • Glutathione
  • Galactose
  • Holo-Transferrin
  • Insulin
  • Linoleic Acid
  • Linolenic Acid
  • Lipoic Acid
  • Progesterone
  • Putrescine
  • Retinyl acetate
  • Retinol
  • Selenite
  • Superoxide dismutase
  • Triiodo-L-thyronine
  • D,L-alpha-Tocopherol
  • D,L-alpha-Tocopherol acetate

Other Supplies Required


  • Basal media (e.g., Neurobasal Media from Invitrogen®, Catalog # 21103-029 or equivalent)
  • L-Glutamine


  • Serological pipettes
  • Pipettes and pipette tips


  • 2 °C to 8 °C refrigerator


Protocol Overview

Dilute 50-fold with a basal media (e.g., Neurobasal Media from Invitrogen, Catalog # 21103-029) and supplement with 0.5 mM L-glutamine before use. The medium may be stored in the dark at 2 °C to 8 °C for up to 2 weeks.


Invitrogen is a registered trademark of Invitrogen Corp.

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  • N21-MAX Media Supplement (50X)
    Name: Lucia Lisi
    Verified Customer | Posted 05/19/2021
    N21-MAX Media Supplement (50X) AR008
  • N21-MAX Media Supplement (50X)
    Name: Anonymous
    Verified Customer | Posted 12/20/2018
    The area, intensity, and density of PSD-95 signal are comparable to the culture grown in B27.
    N21-MAX Media Supplement (50X) AR008
  • N21-MAX Media Supplement (50X)
    Name: Leslie Priddy
    Verified Customer | Posted 04/04/2018
  • N21-MAX Media Supplement (50X)
    Name: Anonymous
    Verified Customer | Posted 10/30/2017
    Adult human stem cells showed fast growth and took less time to differentiate into neurons. Data is communicated so cannot upload image.
  • N21-MAX Media Supplement (50X)
    Name: Supriya Mahajan
    Verified Customer | Posted 10/30/2017
    I have previously used Gibco B27®, and Gem21 NeuroPlex™ for culturing of neural cells and neuronal lines. I use typical for co- culture of neurons with astrocytes and microglia. I tried your sample N21 max from R&D and it worked very well with my neuronal cells co cultures. All of these Gibco B27®, and Gem21 NeuroPlex™ and N21 max are Supplied as a 50X concentrate and are list priced at $79 for 10 ml. I would use them all interchangeably as they all worked equally well in my co culture system.
  • N21-MAX Media Supplement (50X)
    Name: Anonymous
    Verified Customer | Posted 12/06/2016
    For stem cell culture media supplementation.

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FAQs for N21-MAX Media Supplement (50X)

  • What advantages does the N21-MAX Media Supplement (Catalog # AR008) have over other neuronal stem cell supplements?

    We have performed comparison testing in-house and have found that in long term cultures (21 days), we observe better synapse marker expression.

    Additionally, one major formulation difference is that our N21 contains holo-transferrin while other supplements typically contain apo-transferrin. It is reported in the literature that holo-transferrin is preferred for neuronal cell culture. We have also tested several BSA sources to determine which is optimal for neuronal cultures.

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