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GlutaminePlus – 200mM (100X)

Atlanta Biologicals cell culture products are now sold under the R&D Systems brand.
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Features: GlutaminePlus is an alternative to L-glutamine that can improve cell viability and growth. It is used as an effective substitute for L-glutamine in cell culture media.
GlutaminePlus – 200mM (100X)

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  • Are your L-Glutamine - 200mM (100X) or GlutaminePlus – 200mM (100X) solutions sterile?

    Both our L-Glutamine - 200mM (100X) or GlutaminePlus – 200mM (100X) solutions are 0.2 uM filter sterilized as stated on the product insert. Bottles are sterile and product is filled under laminar flow hood certified to ISO Class 5 conditions. The filling room is maintained under positive pressure with HEPA-filter air. 

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