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Exosome Isolation, Genomic & Proteomic Profiling for Biomarker Discovery

Numerous pharmaceutical and biotech companies have partnered with Exosome Diagnostics to further their capabilities through the power of exosome isolation and genomic and proteomic profiling. We have extensive intellectual property related to exosomes and pair it with multiple downstream analysis options and sample inputs to take a single partner from discovery to kitted products.

Exosome Diagnostics, a Bio-Techne brand, can:

  • Accurately characterize and stratify patient populations
  • Get versatility in target analytes to better characterize populations
  • Analyze biofluids that can provide minimally and non-invasive options to obtain critical information
  • Create customized experimental approaches based on over a decade of exosome experience
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Application Notes

genomic profiling whitepaper thumbnail

Genomic Profiling, Advantages of Liquid Biopsy-Based Biomarkers

This application note addresses a variety of experimental approaches related to exosome isolation and genomic profiling. Some elements covered include:

  • Accurately characterize and stratify patient populations
  • Versatility in target analytes
  • Analyze non-invasive biofluids
  • Create customized experimental approaches
auto immune disease app note thumbnail 300x300

Auto-Immune Disease, Advantages of Exosome Diagnostics with Saliva Testing

This application note explores how exosome isolation and RNA profiling techniques can be applied to patient stratification and diagnosis. The focus of the following study is to profile auto-immune patient samples to potentially diagnose Sjogren’s syndrome and highlighting the ability to:

  • Enrich human transcriptome RNA from patient saliva samples
  • Profile ExoRNA to develop gene signatures for Sjogren’s syndrome and other autoimmune diseases
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Dynamic Neuronal Exosomal Biomarkers in Cell Culture Medium

This application note showcases capabilities of exosome RNA as dynamic biomarkers in neuronal progenitors and differentiated cells. In this paper, we explore how the exosome approaches can:

  • Characterize gene expression changes in progenitor and differentiated cells through ex vivo cell culture samples
  • Dynamically characterize distinct cell populations through exosomes
  • Ensure reproducibility and quality control for cell culture analysis


cdx exosomes, great things come in small packages brochure thumbnail

Exosomes: Great Things Come in Small Packages

This brochure provides in-depth information about exosomes and the advantages they provide, such as:

  • Actively released from all cells
  • Contain RNA, Protein, and DNA based biomarkers
  • Non-invasive, abundant stability sampling