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Environmental Sustainability

Through both its operations and its innovative product lines, Bio-Techne seeks to minimize its own negative impacts on the environment and make the healthcare and life sciences fields cleaner and healthier while simultaneously providing leading researchers the innovative tools they need most. Bio-Techne takes management of its environmental footprint seriously and strives to make a positive impact on the environment and on the community.

ISO 14001 Site Certifications

Bio-Techne is a proud member of the International Organization for Standardization (“ISO”), a global leader in environmental and organizational standardization and accountability.

SPOTLIGHT: In pursuit of creating a more sustainable and environmentally conscious business, Bio-Techne is currently pursuing ISO 14001 certification under the ISO’s Environmental Management System for the entirety of its global headquarters by early 2019 and its European headquarters by the end of 2019. ISO 14001 PDF

Green Product Lines

In addition to taking a proactive approach to ensuring the sustainability of its own operations, Bio- Techne is committed to providing EPIC scientific tools to allow its customers to more responsibly manage their own environmental footprint.

SPOTLIGHT: Bio-Techne technology development is changing many traditional laboratory processes leading to significant improvements in results while delivering substantial waste reduction for our customers. An example is the novel approach to automate Western Blotting using the revolutionary WES platform which reduces waste by over 99%!

Energy Reduction

Bio-Techne’s commitment to decrease the use of energy, natural resources and hazardous materials.

SPOTLIGHT ON LIGHTING: Bio-Techne’s focus on energy usage from lighting within the global organization, has resulted in the replacement of 18,525 fluorescent light bulbs with LED lighting resulting in 635,000 Kilowatt hours saved. Additionally, Bio- Techne’s standard for any new construction over the past 10 years, has been to install motion detectors which control lighting by turning off lights in unused hallways, meeting rooms and offices further reducing energy consumption.

SPOTLIGHT ON WATER: Bio-Techne instituted a change in the filtered water systems throughout our largest global manufacturing site in Minneapolis, Minnesota. By restricting the output of recirculating water in our filtered water systems, we reduced the amount of water waste by 4 million gallons per year. This results not only in the reduction in annual water usage but decreases the amount of wastewater needing treatment and reduces energy costs at the city wastewater treatment plant.

Recycling and Reduction of Materials

Bio-Techne is committed to using recyclable materials and have a robust day-to-day recycling program in place for plastic, glass, aluminum, cardboard, paper, batteries and styrofoam.

SPOTLIGHT: Use of 100% Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified paper for all copiers and printers.

SPOTLIGHT: Electronics Recycling: Electronics Recycling has resulted in diverting 13,714 pounds of material from the landfill over the past two years.

SPOTLIGHT: The use of glass mugs provided to all employees in community rooms reducing the use of styrofoam cups by 64,000 cups per year.

Hazardous Chemical Usage Reduction

Bio-Techne strives to reduce the amount of hazardous chemicals used in our final products, and in our manufacturing and testing laboratories.

SPOTLIGHT ON RADIOACTIVE CHEMICALS: Bio-Techne has reduced its use of radioactive materials by 99% over the past decade. This effort results in fewer radioactive chemicals being purchased and eliminates the radioactive waste stream.

SPOTLIGHT ON CHEMICAL: Bio-Techne has undergone a program to remove virtually all Mercury-containing chemicals replacing 99.6% of the products in which mercury was previously used. Antimicrobial agents have been reduced to less than 0.1% in more than 10,000 products.