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Simple Plex Assays for Cell Therapy Research

Accelerate your cell therapy development with Simple Plex™ assays on the Ella™ platform.

Getting your therapeutic safely and efficiently across the finish line requires fast, highly reproducible assay results. Automated Simple Plex assays on Ella provide high-quality immunoassay data and unparalleled ease of use, helping to expedite your cell therapy development. Advanced microfluidic circuitry performs every step of the assay process, reducing manual steps and variability while delivering consistent, fully validated data in less than 90 minutes.

Ella instrument with assay cartridge
immune cell therapy assays for Ella

Simple Plex Cell Therapy Assays

The manufacturing of gene-modified immune cells is a multistep process that requires rigorous product characterization at various points throughout the workflow. Ella gives you the critical information you need faster, with superior sensitivity and reproducibility that supports regulatory compliance.

Quantify IFN-gamma with Confidence

Ella provides the most-efficient and consistent method to quantify IFN-gamma for QC release testing. The unique microfluidic cartridge design of the Simple Plex IFN-gamma assay minimizes user error, helping to ensure consistent results no matter the lab, instrument, or operator.

Simple Plex Assays in the Immune Cell Workflow

immune cell workflow - applications for simple plex assays and ella
Cell Activation Viral Titer Cell Characterization
IL-2 p24 Granzyme A, Granzyme B
IL-7   IFN-gamma
Il-12   IL-1 beta
IL-15   IL-2
IL-18   IL-10


Fast. Reliable. Consistent.
Experience the Ella Advantage.

Ella automates every step of the immunoassay workflow, helping to minimize user error while ensuring highly precise and reproducible results.

Watch this short video to learn more about Ella's unique technology.

reproducible results icon

Reproducible Results

  • Assay and reagent volumes tightly controlled with hands-free automation
  • Default triplicate measurements
  • Extensive validation against FDA guidelines
  • Minimal variability (<7%) across instruments, lots, and geographies
icon representing easy to use

Easy to Use

  • Fully automated workflow - eliminates manual error
  • Operator and instrument independent
  • Results in less than 90 minutes
  • Fast onboarding - easy to transfer downstream to QC regulatory support
icon representing regulatory support

Regulatory Support

  • 21CFR Part 11 compliant software 
  • IQ/OQ installation qualification and operation qualification
  • ISO 13485 certified 
  • Easily adopted in GMP environments

Listen To Customers Share Their Ella Experience

Learn how Ella customers are leveraging the benefits of this automated ELISA platform to reduce user error, eliminate cross-reactivity, and accelerate time to results. Watch as Ella users share their experience and describe the powerful performance advantages inherent in a hands-free immunoassay workflow.

Tools for Cell Therapy Development

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