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Luminex Intelliflex xMAP instrument with drawer open


The XMAP INTELLIFLEX offers a new multiplexing instrument with advanced automation capabilities.  With a reduced footprint and greater dynamic range, this instrument is a powerful addition to any laboratory.

  • Multiplexing: Up to 500 analytes per sample volume
  • Dynamic Range (Typical):
    • Reporter 1: >5.5 logs
    • Reporter 2: >4.5 logs
  • Read Time:
    • 96-well plate in ≤ 20 min
    • 384-well plate in ≤ 75 min
  • Daily Start-Up/Shut-Down: ≤ 30 min


The XMAP INTELLIFLEX DR-SE instruments require sheath fluid to serve as the delivery medium to transport the beads to the instrument’s optics. The instrument has the option of a 20L disposable external sheath fluid container or a compact 20X sheath fluid concentrate pack; which can be reconstituted, with water to a working volume of 20L when needed. The XMAP INTELLIFLEX DR-SE instruments are calibrated using a calibration and a verification kit, each providing 20 uses.

Luminex 200

Luminex 200 确立了多重检测的标准。这款仪器深受需要更高灵活性的实验室的青睐。  

• 多重检测:一份样本可检测多达 100 种分析物(MagPlex 微球可检测 80 种分析物)
• 动态检测范围(典型):>3.5 个数量级
• 读取时间:96 孔板 ≤ 45 分钟(多达 12,800 次检测/小时)
• 每日启动/关闭时间:≤ 30 分钟

Luminex 200 试剂

Luminex 200 仪器需要鞘液作为传输介质,将微球传输到仪器的光学器件。该仪器可选择 20L 一次性外置鞘液容器或紧凑型 20 倍鞘液浓缩液包;在需要时,可用水复溶至 20L 的工作容积。 Luminex 100/200 仪器运行 xPONENT 软件,使用校准试剂盒和验证试剂盒进行校准,每个试剂盒可使用 25 次。


FLEXMAP 3D 是 Luminex 最先进的多功能多重检测平台。FLEXMAP 3D 读取速度快、与 96 孔和 384 孔板兼容、可与前端自动化系统轻松集成,是高通量应用的首选平台。

• 多重检测:一份样本可检测多达 500 种分析物
• 动态检测范围(典型):>4.5 个数量级
• 读取时间:96 孔板 ≤ 20 分钟(多达 144,000 次检测/小时);
   384 孔板 ≤ 75 分钟(多达 153,600 次检测/小时)
• 每日启动/关闭时间:≤ 30 分钟


FLEXMAP 3D 仪器需要鞘液作为传输介质,将微球传输到仪器的光学器件。该仪器可选择 20L 一次性外部鞘液容器或紧凑型 20 倍鞘液浓缩液包;在需要时,可用水复溶至 20L 的工作容积。FLEXMAP 3D 仪器使用校准试剂盒和验证试剂盒进行校准,每个试剂盒可使用 25 次。

Quantist Luminex Data Analysis Software

Bio-Techne's Quantist Luminex data analysis software helps you extract insight from complexity. Analyze your multiplexing data quickly and efficiently with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.  Compatible with files from all Luminex Instruments, Quantist enables you to learn more from your data.

  • Intuitive and straightforward design
  • Easily compare data between multiple assays
  • Adjustable curve parameters
  • Easily exclude and analyze data points
  • Compatible with files from all Luminex instruments
  • Free trial available for 30 days



MAGPIX 仪器需要驱动液作为传输介质,将微球传输到仪器的光学器件。由于 MAGPIX 系统小巧紧凑,驱动液被预装于小型的一次性容器中,并存储在仪器内。每个驱动液容器内的液体量足够读取大约十个样品板,并且驱动液容器以四个为一组出售。MAGPIX 使用校准试剂盒和验证试剂盒,每个试剂盒可使用 25 次。

Luminex 检测

使用 Luminex 检测定制工具创建最适合您需求的单重检测或多重检测。

Featured Application Areas

green immune cell sending out cytokines

Immune Response Profiling

Luminex assays are an excellent tool for immune response profiling. Select from over 450 target analytes and profile up to 50 targets in each sample.

Luminex assay image showing bead, antibodies and lasers that are part of a Luminex assay

Immunoassays for Immuno-Oncology

Bio-Techne offers a broad range of sensitive and accurate immunoassays for immuno-oncology research.

Unique Animal Model Systems

Unique Model Systems

With hundreds of immunoassays spanning 19 different species, Bio-Techne can support your unique model organism research.

Automated ELISA systems Ella runs single, multianalyte and multiplex immunoassays

Analytical Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy Research

Rigorously characterize your products for the safest possible therapies. Our platforms enable rapid and accurate analysis of protein contaminants and vectors.

定制 Luminex 服务

如果您有批量或定制 Luminex 需求,请联系我们。

Free Quantist License Terms and Conditions

Full Terms and Conditions: Offer is valid for orders placed on or before June 30th, 2023. Receive a free Quantist Software license, catalog #QUANTIST-1, when you spend $15,000 USD or equivalent currency in Luminex assays. Discount code “FreeQuantist” must be quoted at time of order. When ordering, Luminex Assays and QUANTIST-1 must be included in the order. Luminex assays can be a combination of Discovery, High Performance, and Fixed kits. Offer is valid for North American and Europe customers only. Promotion limited to one use per customer. Offer only valid on orders placed directly with Bio-Techne and excludes Bio-Techne distributors. Other exclusions may apply. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts, for prior purchases, or orders pending. No credits will be issued. All requests subject to availability and approval by Bio-Techne. 

Luminex®, MAGPIX®, Luminex® 200™, FLEXMAP 3D®, and xMAP INTELLIFLEX® are Registered Trademarks of Luminex Corporation.