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Your Complete Solution for Targeted Protein Degradation

Bio-Techne offers a full range of products and services for Targeted Protein Degradation research and development. Our tools will help you explore and validate your target of interest, develop new protein Degrader molecules and investigate their activity, as well as build your own assays for degradation. Our range includes: small molecule Protein Degraders (e.g. PROTAC® degraders); aTAG, dTAG and BromoTag® Degraders plus custom TAG knock-in cell lines; Degrader Building Blocks, Ubiquitin-Proteasome System Proteins and Assays; Assays for Protein Degradation and Custom Degrader Services.

Products and Services for Targeted Protein Degradation

Target Validation and Exploration

Target validation, the process of establishing that a potential molecular target is involved in a physiological function or disease process, is a key step in the development of new Degraders, as well as for drug discovery and biological research. Our TAG Degradation platform offers a differentiated method for target validation, using targeted protein degradation to reversibly knockdown a potential protein target and enable exploration of the downstream phenotype.

Degrader Design and Synthesis

Targeted protein degradation can be achieved using small molecule Protein Degraders, such as PROTAC® molecules. Bio-Techne provides a toolbox of products and services to support your Degrader Design and Synthesis program and save you time and money, including our PROTAC® Panel Builder online tool; a large range of off-the-shelf Degrader Building Blocks; and tools for new E3 ligase ligand discovery.

Assays for Targeted Protein Degradation

Successful development of small molecule Protein Degraders for targeted protein degradation requires an array of assays to address a specific and differentiated set of questions aimed at characterizing aspects of Degrader activity. The assay workflow should explore: target engagement and ternary complex formation induced by the Degrader; ubiquitination of the target protein; as well as target degradation and its downstream consequences. Multiple orthogonal assays will maximize the chance of successful Degrader development. 


E3 Ligase and Ubiquitin Proteasome System Biology

Bio-Techne through the R&D SystemsTM brand provides a wide range of products to help you explore and characterize ubiquitin biology. The rapidly expanding portfolio includes highly active E3 Ubiquitin Ligases, including SKP2, VHL, Cereblon (CRBN) and DCAF proteins, as well as assay kits and components, and antibodies. We also provide Cullin-Rbx complexes (including neddylated cullins) that can be coupled to your purified substrate binding complexes to generate active ligases.

Custom Services for Targeted Protein Degradation

Bio-Techne offers a unique portfolio of custom services to support your PROTAC® discovery and development and target validation programs. Harness our expertise in custom chemistry to develop active degraders to knock down your target of choice or custom building block panels. We also offer custom E3 ligase development services enabling you to build your own assays to investigate ubiquitination, and custom knock-in cell lines expressing your target protein of interest as a fusion with a "TAG" protein for use within our TAG degradation platform. 



我们的靶向蛋白降解研究产品指南重点介绍了 Bio-Techne 为靶向蛋白降解研究提供的工具和服务,包括活性降解剂、降解剂构建块、定制降解剂服务、蛋白和蛋白降解分析。


该虚拟研讨会将靶向蛋白降解领域的主要科学家们汇聚一堂,讨论他们的最新研究,并提供有关 PROTAC 设计、发现和开发、新研究工具以及扩展 E3 连接酶工具组合的见解 。


我们的动画短片解释了靶向蛋白降解 (TPD) 的基本原理,即使用小分子降解剂或 PROTAC 利用泛素-蛋白酶体系统选择性地去除细胞中的蛋白质。 

网络研讨会:PROTAC® 降解剂开发计划的工作流程解决方案

该网络研讨会介绍了 Bio-Techne 如何利用我们全面的工作流程解决方案为您的降解剂开发计划提供支持,这些内容最初是我们的创新经理 Hannah Maple 博士在 Cell Bio Virtual 2020 会议上进行的技术演讲。

海报:生成支持 PROTAC 研发工作的化学工具组合


出版物聚焦:Simple Western™ 分析与 TPD 研究

了解如何在研究中利用全自动 Simple Western 测量降解剂诱导的蛋白质敲减。

Background Information

PROTAC® 是 Arvinas Operations, Inc.的注册商标,经许可使用

BromoTag® is a registered trademark of the University of Dundee and is used under license.