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Single, Multianalyte or Multiplex Assays on Automated ELISA System Ella

Simple Plex Expedites Process-Related Impurity Testing and Viral Vector Immunotitration

Fast and reproducible in-process data collection is essential during therapeutic manufacturing workflows. See how you can increase your product development bandwidth today. Automated Simple PlexTM assays on the Ella Platform:

  • Reduce manual steps by 80%
  • Enable data collection in 90 minutes or less
  • Have picogram sensitivity
Bioprocessing Development Multiplex assays

CHO Host Cell Protein Impurity Testing

Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells are commonly used during the production of therapeutic proteins or biologics.  Host cell proteins (HCPs) are generated by CHO cells during this process. They are a major process-related impurity and need to be monitored and reduced at every step of the purification process. Enzyme-linked immunoassays (ELISAs) are typically used to monitor in-process HCPs at each step of the manufacturing workflow. Simple Plex assays automate the CHO HCP in-process testing workflow and provide high-quality consistent results. You can learn more on our Protein Simple website.


    Cell Therapy Multiplex Assays

    Lentiviral Vector Immunotitration

    Lentiviral vectors are used in gene transfer workflows during cell and gene therapy manufacturing. Viral vector titration is an important step in this process.  ELISAs are commonly used to assess viral titer. HIV-1 p24 Gag is typically used as a proxy target analyte to titrate lentiviral vectors. The automated Simple Plex HIV-1 p24 Gag 72X1 immunoassay expedites your workflow and provides fast and consistent results. You can learn more on our Protein Simple website.