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Reagents and Assays for Lipid Metabolism Research


研究脂蛋白颗粒中甘油三酸酯和胆固醇转运、LDL/VLDL/HDL 的细胞摄取和细胞内代谢的详细信息。

Reagents and Assays for Glucose Homeostasis Research



Reagents and Assays for Energy Balance Research



Adipocytes secrete adipocytokines, such as adiponectin, leptin, and resistin, which have pro- and anti-inflammatory effects.

Products for Adipokine Research

Adipokines are bioactive molecules secreted by the adipose tissue that play key roles in regulating biological processes such as glucose and fatty acid metabolism, insulin sensitivity, inflammation, and angiogenesis. Explore the Adipokines page on our website to learn more about the functions of these molecules, browse related products, and find resources that will help advance your research.

调节膳食营养素的代谢,平衡生命维持分子的产生和能量存储。这种平衡失调是 II 型糖尿病、肥胖和代谢综合征的主要特征。Bio-Techne 为代谢研究提供了一系列优质试剂和分析方法。我们提供用于研究脂质代谢、葡萄糖稳态和能量平衡的抗体、生物活性蛋白、小分子和免疫分析。

Metabolic Syndrome poster