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Left Side of Milo Single-cell Simple Western Blot Instrument by ProteinSimple


世界上首个 Single-Cell Western 平台

Single Cell Western consumables by ProteinSimple a Bio-Techne brand

Milo 耗材

我们的一站式商店提供在 Milo 上执行单细胞蛋白质印迹分析所需的所有耗材, 包括 scWest 试剂盒, 芯片和缓冲液。

Custom GMP Antibody research grade, or develop a new antibody

Milo 抗体

Milo 是一个开放平台, 因此您可以使用任何在蛋白质印迹实验上验证过的抗体来探测 scW​​est 芯片。为了帮您上手,这里选择了一些迄今为止已在 Milo 上验证过的抗体。

The Single-Cell Western Has Arrived

Milo is the world’s first Single-Cell Western blotting platform from ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand, that measures protein expression in ~1000 single cells per run using conventional Western blot antibodies. Simply load your cell suspension on a scWest chip, then Milo performs fast lysis, SDS-PAGE separation, and UV-induced immobilization of each single cell lysate on-chip in a matter of minutes. Then, you can probe the scWest chip with your favorite conventional Western blot antibodies and use a microarray scanner to measure ~12 proteins per cell using a variety of multiplexing strategies, or you can store your chip for at least 9 months for future single-cell analysis. 

Bioprocessing Cell Heterogeneity Protein Expression with Milo

Discover the World of Single-Cell Proteomics with Milo

Here are just a few examples of the single-cell analysis studies that are made possible with Single-Cell Western blot analysis on Milo.

HIF1-a analysis with single cell western - Milo

Profile Protein and Cell-Type Heterogeneity

6-well culture dish with different immune cell types in each well

Monitor the Differentiation of Stem Cells

Check out these App Notes to learn how Single-Cell Western blotting with Milo can track and quantify stem cell differentiation into neural cell subtypes and cardiomyocytes:

Single-cell Western Cell  and Gene Therapy - sickle cell analysis

Develop New Cell and Gene Therapies

Reveal the functional potency of viral vectors and other gene delivery systems. Measure their gene editing efficiency by monitoring target protein expression in single cells following genetic transformation to develop new cell and gene therapies.

Milo protein validation workflow of single-cell RNA seq data

Validate Single-Cell Sequencing Data

Pair Milo’s single-cell proteomics with single-cell sequencing workflows for complete single-cell multiomic analysis. Milo provides single-cell protein expression information to validate your single-cell RNA data. Since mRNA levels do not always correlate with functional protein levels, pairing single-cell RNA data with single-cell protein expression data is critical to making accurate and complete conclusions about cellular function.

Milo data plots

Easier than Flow Cytometry

Milo is easier to use than other single-cell analysis technologies like flow cytometry. With Milo’s single-cell analysis, you can detect proteins in single cells that escape detection by flow cytometry due to their intracellular location or due to the lack of flow cytometry-validated antibodies. You can also pair Milo with fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) to sort cell subtypes or live/dead cells for downstream single-cell analysis on Milo.

Publish Your Single-Cell Westerns in Premier Journals

Milo has proven its ability to pro­vide new and profound scientific insight that traditional Western blots cannot. This fact is reflected in the rank of the journals that feature articles with Single-Cell Western data with the vast majority (74%) of articles featuring Single-Cell Western data in top journals with impact factors of 7 or greater including Science, Cell, Nature Methods, Nature Communications and Cell Reports. In fact, 32% of Single-Cell Western publications are in journals considered here to be in the premier category with an impact factor greater than 21.

Protein Simple let's you meet scientific standards by delivering publication-ready results

Customer Success Stories



含有 >10,000 个细胞的悬液


在悬液中为 7-25 µm






开放式荧光微阵列芯片扫描仪,分辨率需可达 5 µm



每个 scWest 芯片捕获和分析 1,000-2,000 个细胞

分子量 (MW) 范围

15-175 kDa

MW 分辨率

不同光谱通道的差异为 10%,同一光谱通道的差异低至 30%


按光谱和基于大小的多重检测策略,最多检测每个细胞中的 4 种蛋白质 使用去除抗体和重复检测,可检测每个细胞中超过 12 种蛋白质


4-6 小时

Single-Cell Western 应用

Cancer & Immuno-Oncology



Cell & Gene Therapy





Increase your sensitivity and multiplexing capabilities with neural samples using automated Western blotting systems.

Solutions for Cell Signaling and Signal Pathways Analysis

Cell Signaling

Analyze an entire signaling pathway overnight with quantitative multiplex detection of phospho/total isoforms and total protein normalization.