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Advanced Western Blotting Solutions for Cell & Gene Therapy

One Platform, 6+ Assays for CQAs

The Simple Western™ Advantage

Sensitivity. Conserve your precious AAV sample with purity assays that are more sensitive than SYPRO Ruby.

Quantitation. Quantitative protein measurements with a 4-log dynamic range.

Reproducibility. Eliminate the variation of traditional Western blots with CVs consistently below 15-20%.

High Throughput. Up to 96 data points in a single overnight run, all in a fully automated fashion.

Method Transferability. Compass for Simple Western™ produces digital run files containing assay conditions and data, allowing for easy analysis, transfer, and archiving between sites or from sponsors to CROs. 21 CFR Part 11-compliant and GMP-ready. 

Jess Simple Western AAV characterization including AAV viral titer and capsid ratio and viral identification
What if you could measure many critical quality attributes (CQAs) in one platform? Meet Jess™

Multi-Attribute Analysis of AAVs for Gene Therapy

Companies at the forefront of cell & gene therapy commercialization are adopting the multi-attribute analysis technology of Simple Western to advance quality control (QC) of AAV-mediated gene therapy products.


AAV Empty/Full Content

High sensitivity, reproducibility, and specificity using only 3 μL of crude, partially purified, or purified sample - and it's all automated.

Simple Western- Detection of VP1,2,3 Proteins

AAV VP Protein Ratios

Fit-for-purpose VP capsid protein ratio measurements with PROGEN's AAV2 VP protein standards and Simple Western. Reproducible, sensitive, automated.

Simple Western ultra-high sensitivity total protein assays for AAV analysis in CGT

AAV Purity Assays

Assays for process-related impurities and residual host cell proteins alongside AAV identity with total protein detection more sensitive than SYPRO Ruby.

See how the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGTC) uses highly-specific antibodies manufactured by PROGEN with fully automated Simple Western assays for multi-attribute analysis of AAV capsids during product purification.


Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult consortium

3-D illustration of a virus

All-in-One Lentiviral Assays for Cell Therapy

When it comes to viral vector characterization for cell and gene therapies, Simple Western isn't just limited to AAVs. With Jess, you get multi-attribute analysis for lentivirus as well, including titer, purity, capsid content, stability, transduction analysis, and more.

Stem Cells Cluster Hero Image

Sensitive Multiplex Assays for Stem Cell Signaling

Get unrivaled multiplex flexibility, sensitivity, and reproducibility for accurate protein expression measurements with automation that can scale in industrial stem cell differentiation and manufacturing workflows for regenerative medicine.

Dystrophin protein expression analysis by Simple Western

The Go-to-Method for Dystrophin Quantification

With only 3 μL of tissue sample, Simple Western quantifies low levels of dystrophin with reproducibility in line with FDA/EMA regulations and the draft guidance for industry submitted to the FDA recommends Simple Western for dystrophin quantification.

Single-Cell Westerns for Heterogeneity Analysis 

Single-Cell Westerns on Milo measure protein expression in thousands of single cells per run. Their high sensitivity combined with the ability to use conventional Western blotting antibodies makes them particularly well-suited for quantifying gene therapy efficacy and tracking stem cell differentiation.

    Cell culture
    Single-cell Western Cell  and Gene Therapy - sickle cell analysis

    Milo Advances Gene Therapies

    Milo's Single-Cell Westerns are used in clinical trials aimed at advancing gene therapies for Sickle Cell Disease and other hemoglobinopathies. Milo resolves hemoglobin subunits in single red blood cells, enabling researchers to track the efficacy of sickle cell gene therapies.

    StemXVivo kit differentiation for neural progenitors, cardiomyocytes, and hepatocytes

    Tracking Cardiomyocyte Differentiation

    Single-Cell Western analysis can track phenotypic marker heterogeneity over time and monitor the relative proportion of cell subsets during culture differentiation of iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes. 

    Single-Cell Western data showing neuron differentiation from iPSC

    Identify and Quantify Neural Subtypes

    Milo can identify and quantify neural subtypes in a heterogeneous neural sample, and monitor the differentiation of iPSCs into neurons, astrocytes, and oligodendrocytes using our research-grade or GMP differentiation reagents.

    Webinars in Cell & Gene Therapy

    Testing for Lentivirus and AAVs

    Lentivirus & AAV Analysis

    Get rapid assessment of viral titer and purity analysis for both lentiviral vectors and AAVs. Plus, get insight into AAV VP1:VP2:VP3 capsid protein ratio and AAV empty/full capsid content ratio.


    VP Protein Standards

    We introduce PROGEN's recombinant VP standards used with Simple Western automated capillary electrophoresis in fit-for-purpose solutions for viral titer and VP capsid protein ratio measurements.

    DMD Dystrophin

    Advanced AAV Analytics

    Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult and Simple Western team up for advanced AAV vector characterization, addressing challenges in assay precision, standardization, and throughput, enabling in-line product characterization.

    Customer Success Stories

    Simple Western Applications

    immune cells attack cancer cell



    Transform your cancer & immuno-oncology research by utilizing next-generation Western blotting tools to give you richer views into your samples.

    Solutions for Cell Signaling and Signal Pathways Analysis

    Cell Signaling


    Analyze entire signaling pathways with high sensitivity multiplexing and total protein normalization.

    Testing for Lentivirus and AAVs

    Cell and Gene Therapy


    Next-generation analytical instrumentation to help improve and accelerate your cell and gene therapy workflows.

    Advances in Targeted Protein Degradation

    Targeted Degradation


    Boost your screening studies using high throughput & hands-free Simple Western systems for quantitative analysis.

    Biosimilar Antibodies Teaser Image

    Pharmacokinetic Analysis


    High-throughput pharmacokinetic analysis with quantitative, high-sensitivity assays directly in complex lysates and tissue homogenates. 




    A validated workflow for protein analysis in extracellular vesicle samples from the leaders in exosome isolation and high sensitivity Western blotting solutions.

    Vaccine development image

    Vaccine Development


    Improve reproducibility, quantitation, and time to market for your vaccine candidates.

    Neuroscience App image for Ella



    Increase your sensitivity and multiplexing capabilities with neural samples using automated Western blotting systems.

    Simple Plex HEK-HCP Assay

    Bioprocess Impurities


    Screen for processing-related impurities and host-cell related contaminants. Quantify empty/full capsid content of viral vectors like AAVs.


    SARS-CoV-2 Research


    Reduce your lab time while accelerating your COVID‑19 research. Set up, leave and remotely review your data in just 3 hours!

    SARS-CoV-2 Serology

    SARS-CoV-2 Serology Assay


    Rapid quantitative characterization of human IgG antibodies in serum or plasma reactive against multiple SARS-CoV-2 antigens.