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Imaged cief protein fractionation on Maurice Flex - banner
Protein Charge analysis with icief on capillary electrophoresis instrument Maurice

Protein Charge Analysis with icIEF

Reproducible charge heterogeneity analysis under 10 minutes with whole-column imaging using Maurice or Maurice C.

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CE-SDS protein size analysis on capillary electrophoresis instrument Maurice

Protein Size Analysis with CE-SDS

Automated and highly quantitative analysis of protein purity in as little as 5.5 minutes with Maurice or Maurice S.

Win the Race to FDA Submissions with Maurice

See How Maurice Makes Protein Analysis Easy


We know you’re always looking to simplify and amplify your therapeutic development, and we’re here to help you do just that! Meet Maurice, our analytical CE instrument that lets you profile your molecules for both charge and size. No tedious sample prep, instrument set-up, or clean-up. Just plug in a cIEF or CE-SDS cartridge, hit Start, and get the high-quality data you need in a snap.


What Maurice Can Do For You

Pain Point: Save Time

Save Time

Method development in a day, charge data in 10-15 minutes, and size data in as little as 5.5 minutes all add up to huge time savings, giving you time back to focus on other parts of your research.

Pain Point: Simplify Science

Simplify Science

Load your samples, insert the cartridge, and let Maurice take care of the rest. Swapping between cIEF and CE-SDS is as simple as taking one cartridge out and putting the next in. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Pain Point: Save Your Samples

Save Your Samples

Maurice only needs 50 uL of sample for analysis - letting you preserve all your precious samples.

Pain Point: Data You Can Trust

Get Data You Can Trust

You can’t afford bad or unreliable data. Maurice gives you the resolution and reproducibility you need to make confident decisions.

Pain Point: Stay Compliant

Stay Compliant

Be assured that you’re generating 21CFR Part 11 compliant data with Compass for iCE software or Waters™ Empower®.

Maurice Virtual Demo


Come explore and see how easy it is to measure charge and size heterogeneity with Maurice.


ProteinSimple Maurice Demo Intro

用于 cIEF 和 CE-SDS 的 iCE 仪器

Maurice​ One-stop cIEF and CE-SDS​ Purity, identity, and heterogeneity analysis​


一站式 cIEF 和 CE-SDS


Maurice S.​ Ready-to-go CE-SDS or CE-SDS PLUS​ Simplifies size separation workflows​

Maurice S。



Maurice S

Maurice S.

Ready-to-go Turbo CE-SDS or CE-SDS PLUS. Simplifies size separation workflows. 

Maurice C

Maurice C.

icIEF data in a snap. Identity and charge heterogeneity. 

iCE3​ Current standard for cIEF protein charge heterogeneity analysis​


cIEF 蛋白质电荷异质性分析的现行标准

Maurice consumable cartridges by ProteinSimple a Bio-Techne brand

iCE 耗材

您现在可以在线订购 Maurice 和 iCE 的耗材

Maurice Virtual Demo


了解如何使用 Maurice 轻松测量电荷和大小异质性

iCE Applications



Whether it is during clone selection or final product characterization, use a hassle-free, robust, and fast method to characterize the charge and size profiles of your therapeutic.



Get automated, reproducible, and high-throughput CE-SDS analysis in as little as 25 minutes per sample.

Cell & Gene Therapy

Cell & Gene Therapy

Next-generation analytical instrumentation to help improve and accelerate your cell and gene therapy workflows.

Protein Charge Heterogeneity

Protein Charge Heterogeneity

High-quality absorbance and native fluorescence give you charge heterogeneity data for even the most complex proteins with automated, whole-column cIEF.

Protein Stability and Formulation Testing

Protein Stability and Formulation Testing

Understand the impact of protein changes on drug safety and efficacy and develop the best formulation for your therapeutic with cIEF analysis.

Protein and Antibody Characterization

Protein & Antibody Characterization

Rapidly and accurately monitor the charge and molecular weight heterogeneity of your proteins, two critical properties that inevitably change during development.

Post-translation Modification

Post-translation Modification

To know if your proteins have undergone deamidation, oxidation, glycation, or another other post-translational modification, get accurate data on their changing isoelectric points.



Gain confidence in your biosimilars by getting accurate, high-quality data on the charge and size profiles of your proteins and antibodies.


Vaccine Development

Whether you’re working with LNPs or viral vectors, confirm their charge heterogeneity, identity, and purity, and proceed confidently with your vaccine development.

哪种成像 cIEF/CE-SDS 系统适合您?

* 使用 Alcott 自动进样器



Maurice C。

Maurice S。


cIEF 应用(按电荷分离)

CE-SDS 应用(按大小分离)