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Protein Charge Heterogeneity

We've got separating charged isoforms down pat. That means characterizing protein charge heterogeneity comes easy for us and now for you too. Check out how iCE analyzes glycoproteins and see for yourself.

Charge gram graph protein heterogeneity data


Determination of isoelectric point and charge isoforms is a necessary step in protein characterization and biopharmaceutical development. iCE systems combine high resolution, rapid analysis, and generic methods to make characterizing charge variants quick and easy. Free solution IEF takes place in a capillary column (cIEF) to let you detect focused protein zones in 10 minutes flat! You’ll be resolving charge variants like deamidation, C-terminal lysines, sialylation, oxidation, glycoslyation glycation in no time, not to mention any other change to your protein that results in a pI change.