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Catalog # 090-000 | ProteinSimple a Bio-Techne Brand
Maurice - Your workhorse station for purity, identity and heterogeneity analysis
My molecule has complicated charge profiles that are difficult to resolve
My current method is not reproducible and error-prone
I have many samples and my schedule is tight
My sample is limited and they tend to aggregate at high concentration

Your workhorse station for purity, identity and heterogeneity analysis

Maurice innovates the conventional capillary electrophoresis technology to automate your protein profiling either by size or charge. Need cIEF and CE-SDS data for your mAbs, ADCs, vaccines or virus-like particles? Maurice does it all. Just pop in one of the preassembled cartridges, drop in your sample vials or a 96-well plate, and hit start. You'll complete your method development in a day and get high-resolution, reproducible data in minutes. Get compliant data with either Compass for iCE or Waters Empower software.

Purity, identity and heterogeneity

Still spending weeks or months on method development for your biologics? This new advanced CE platform lets you easily switch between cIEF and CE-SDS applications and develop platform methods within a day. In this short video, the people behind the gold-standard iCE technology highlight the key benefits of the new platform for CE analysts. Find out how Maurice makes CE easy with his streamlined workflow and delivers identity, purity and heterogeneity data on your biologics fast.

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"The short run times and easy sample preparation allowed for method development within a day or two. The versatility of the instrument allows the possibility of offering clients rapid alternatives to traditional ID and charge heterogeneity assays."

Joan Garrison, QC Method Transfer Scientist, Cook Pharmica

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More Information About Maurice

Feature cIEF Specification CE-SDS Specificiation
Minimum Sample Volume 50 µL 50 µL
Sample Delivery Vacuum Electrokinetic
Typical Separation Time 6–10 min (molecule-dependent) Reduced IgG: 25 min, Non-reduced IgG: 35 min
Detection Capability UV Absorbance at 280 nm
Fluorescence: Ex 280 nm, Em 320– 450 nm
UV Absorbance at 220 nm
Typical Voltage Pre-focusing: 1500 V, focusing: 3000 V Separation: 5750 V
Sample Injections per Cartridge 100 guaranteed, 200 maximum 100 guaranteed, 200 maximum for CE-SDS, 500 maximum for CE-SDS PLUS
Maximum Sample Injections per Batch 100 48
pI/Size Range 2.85–10.45 10–270 kDa
pI/Sizing CV 0.01 ≤2%
CV for Peaks >10% Composition ≤5% (Intra-batch), ≤6% (Inter-batch) N/A
Relative Migration Time CV N/A <1% for reduced IgG
pI/Sizing Resolution 0.05 pI units (for wide range 3–10 ampholytes) ≥1.5 for NGHC/HC IgG Standard
Dynamic Range 2 logs 2 logs
Linearity >0.995 >0.995
Sensitivity (LOD) 0.7 µg/mL (Native fluorescence) 3.0 µg / mL(Absorbance) (Values based on a monoclonal antibody) 0.3 µg/mL (Value based on Internal Standard)
Sample Tray Options 96-well plates or 48 vials
Dimensions 44cm H x 42cm W x 61cm D
Weight 46 kg (100 lb)