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CE-SDS with Maurice

Meet Maurice, your fully automated CE platform that gives you:

  • Ease of use
  • Reproducibility
  • High-quality data
  • Easy method transfer
  • Regulatory compliance


Table of Contents

Maurice iCE Instrument runs capillary electrophoresis sodium dodecyl sulfate (CE-SDS)

Implement CE-SDS at Any Stage of Biotherapeutic Development

Turbo CE-SDS™ - high quality size analysis in as little as 5.5 minutes for high-throughput applications including cell culture and clonal selection

CE-SDS PLUS - fast method development, high-quality data, and seamless method transfer to QC


Analyze Different Types of Molecules

Get purity data under 35 minutes for all sorts of biotherapeutics – mAbs, biosimilars, viral vectors, GMP proteins, and more. See our Additional Resources for information.

CE-SDS data represented gel like so data can be visualized as it looks on SDS-PAGE

CE-SDS versus SDS-PAGE App note reviewing publications that site important factors to consider when comparing molecular weight (MW) data from CE-SDS and SDS-PAGE

Transition From SDS-PAGE to CE-SDS

Say goodbye cumbersome and manual SDS-PAGE – no more preparing gels, laborious sample prep, and poor reproducibility. With CE-SDS, you’ll get high quality, quantitative, and reproducible data. You can even get a gel-like representation of your data using Lane View on the Compass for iCE software. Maurice even comes with an optional filtration upgrade for containing those noxious β-ME odors.

Here are some more resources to help you with your transition:

Advantages of CE-SDS over SDS-PAGE

The accurate and quantitative analysis of product purity is a fundamental component of effective development of a biotherapeutic protein. Without consistent techniques and high-quality, reproducible results, it is difficult to precisely assess the product's efficacy and/or safety, potentially delaying, even jeopardizing, its approval. Hear about the advantages of automated CE-SDS on Maurice over manual SDS-PAGE by listening to our Podcast with Drug Discovery World (DDW) and Dr. Tufan Aydogdu, Field Applications Scientist, ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand.

Podcast - Comparing SDS-PAGE with Automated CE-SDS for Faster Sample Turn-around Time V2

CE-SDS with Maurice from ProteinSimple versus SDS-PAGE

Reduce Time in the Lab

From generating USP <129> comparable data to allowing control with the Waters™ Empower® software, Maurice enhances CE-SDS and saves you time and resources!

  • Get USP <129> Equivalent Data with Maurice CE-SDS – this Application Note demonstrates the comparability of the Maurice CE-SDS PLUS method with the USP <129> protocol for the analysis of monoclonal antibodies.
  • QC-Specific Workflows Made Easy – this Application Note shows you how to develop a QC-specific workflow that eliminates the need to use a commercial internal standard, freeing you from concerns like introducing contaminants to test samples that might interfere with subsequent analyses.
  • Power up Maurice with Waters™ Empower® Software – this Application Note explains how Maurice gives you the data integrity, repeatability, and accuracy you need in your regulated laboratory environment by allowing a seamless integration with the Waters Empower 3 software.
  • Easily Transfer Your CE-SDS Methods to Maurice – this webinar explains how scientists from Pfizer optimized their Maurice CE-SDS method to achieve comparable results to those of a conventional CE system.

Additional Resources