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Analytical Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy Research

Your vision is to create life-changing cell and gene therapies. But getting your cell therapy products to market quickly and efficiently requires accurate testing of critical attributes. That’s where Bio-Techne can help. Our broad portfolio of reliable analytical tools and platforms is designed to accelerate your workflow while providing unparalleled speed, accuracy, and reproducibility of results — from start to finish. 

At Bio-Techne, we are fully committed to standing by you every step of the way. All of our analytical products and services are governed by rigorous quality assurance measures, helping to make sure your cell therapy products meet your precise quality, purity, and performance demands.   

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Cell phenotype analytical cell and gene therapy services

Cellular Phenotyping

Characterize your cell populations at every stage of the workflow using industry-leading Bio-Techne antibodies and highly sensitive and automated immunoassays. Quickly confirm that your cells exhibit the correct phenotype and meet your purity requirements. Whether you are looking for  single analyte or multiplexing capabilities, we have your current and future needs covered.

AAV and lentiviral viral vector manufacturing solutions

Viral Vector Analysis

Accurate viral titer measurement is critical for researchers studying infectious disease, vaccine development, and cell and gene therapy. Our highly reproducible assays and platforms provide fast, hands-free assessment of viral vector identity, purity, stability, and other critical attributes. Rigorous quality control helps ensure our assays remain consistent and highly reproducible over time.  

Scientist performing contaminant analysis for cell and gene therapy analytical solutions

Contaminant Analysis

Undetected process-related impurities can lead to reduced product efficacy, quality issues, and undesirable immune responses in patients. Whether you need to screen for host cell proteins or process residuals, our reliable, repeatable analytical solutions help drive confidence in the purity of your final product. Get the accuracy and specificity you need to detect co-migrating proteins, report molecular weight, and automate the entire analysis process.

Immune cell panel for cellular phenotyping

Monitoring Efficacy and Toxicity

Excessive release of pro-inflammatory cytokines can be a toxic response to cell therapy. Our trusted antibodies and immunoassays allow you to generate accurate, reliable data, helping you get your therapies to patients safely and efficiently. Our automated ELISAs, Western blotting, and particle detection instruments, along with our breadth of flow cytometry antibodies, are ushering in a new era of time-efficient and highly sensitive analysis solutions.

Fluorokine App Note

Evaluating CAR Expression on CAR-T Cells Using FluorokinesTM

One of the current challenges in the field of CAR-T cell therapy is the lack of a simple assay to easily detect and quantify CAR expression following T cell transduction. Read this application note to learn about the advantages of using R&D SystemsTM Fluorokines fluorescent-labeled proteins to directly stain and detect CAR+ cells by flow cytometry.

BioInsights Webinar Foreground

The CAR ToolKit: Progress and Challenges in CAR-T/NK Cell R&D and Mfg

With numerous clinical trials underway and multiple CAR-T cell products now approved, solving the current obstacles when manufacturing CAR-T/NK cell products continues to be a pressing issue for the cellular immunotherapy field. Watch this webinar, hosted by BioInsights, to learn about the current challenges, latest progress, and innovation facing CAR-T and CAR-NK cell development.

Quantify Secreted T Cell Activation Markers

Simple Plex assays on the Ella platform offer a rapid and precise assessment of secreted T Cell activation markers to boost cell therapy development and manufacturing efficiency. Get high-quality, quantitative data in just 90 minutes with unparalleled flexibility and ease of use.


Streamline Your Cell And Gene Therapy Process

Getting your therapeutic across the finish line is all about meeting critical quality and purity standards within an accelerated workflow. From viral vector analysis to research and clinical level cell characterization, our robust, automated analytical platforms will help get your therapeutic to patients quickly and safely.

Following the success of your initial research, we can provide large-scale quantities of critical, specialized reagents to assure your continued success. Work performed within our FDA-regulated facilities enables you to move seamlessly into regulatory agency submissions with our regulatory affairs team as a partner.


Automated ELISA system Ella

Next-Generation Automated ELISA

Simple Plex assays running on the fully automated Ella™ platform offer a viable alternative to traditional plate-based ELISAs for rapid multiplex analysis across a broad range of research and clinical applications.

Use ProteinSimple iCE instrument Maurice to characterize your vaccine products

cIEF and CE-SDS with Maurice

Characterize LNPs or viral vectors and assess vector purity and stability with a fully integrated CE platform that enables rapid analysis of charge and size heterogeneity. 

Luminex assay image showing bead, antibodies and lasers that are part of a Luminex assay

Luminex Multiplex Assays

Discover and validate biomarker candidates with Luminex Discovery and Luminex High-Performance multiplex immunoassays. Multiplex up to 50 analytes in one sample.

Single cell suspended in a population of cells

Multicolor Flow Cytometry

Our Multicolor Flow Cytometry kits contain fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies for simultaneous detection of up to four different target molecules on a single cell.

Simple Western automated western blot systems

Fully Automated Simple Western

Our Simple Western instruments offer the only gel-free, blot-free, and hands-free capillary-based immunoassay platforms that integrate and automate the entire protein separation and detection process.  

MFI Instrument- NK Cells

Micro-Flow Imaging

Gain more insight into the world of sub-visible particles with advanced Micro-Flow Imaging. Display images in real-time for on-the-spot visual verification and complete confidence in your results.


ProteinSimple App Note - Multi-Attribute AVV Analysis

Multi-Attribute AAV Analysis

What if you could get both AAV identity and purity information from the same precious sample? Simple Western is a multi-attribute method capable of characterizing AAV identity and purity in the same assay. 

AAV and lentiviral viral vector manufacturing solutions

See What's Inside Your AAV Capsids

Explore the impact of stress on AAV charge separation profiles, gain key insights into DNA and protein packaging within the virus, and optimize the quality of AAV products for safer, more effective gene therapies. 

Stem cell

Tools for Cell-Based Therapies

Learn about some of the latest tools and genome engineering services that can enhance your cell therapy manufacturing process and disrupt the status quo for manufacturing, validating, and monitoring cell therapies.

CGT lab

Customization for Cell Therapy

Learn how customization at the raw material level can help give cell therapy manufacturers confidence in the security of their supply, de-risk manufacturing processes, and improve scalability.

Fitting product to Cell Therapy Manufacturing process

Improving Preclinical Gene Therapy

Learn how RNAscope™ and BaseScope™ in situ hybridization technologies are enabling more informative and efficient preclinical gene therapy development and contributing critical data in IND-enabling studies.

Cell Engineering With TcBuster Graphic

Rapid and Flexible Gene Delivery

Get an inside look at the benefits of using TcBuster, our non-viral gene transfer system, as well as our range of services for GMP cell engineering.  

Accelerate Your Therapeutic Discovery

Immune Cell Therapy Antibody Foreground

Cell Expansion and Characterization

Our cell therapy platforms offer sensitive and specific assays that spare your precious samples, with the flexibility to determine efficacy, potency and safety throughout your manufacturing process. See how you can start combining and creating panels for your T cells.

Micro-Flow MFI Instrument from ProteinSimple a Bio-Techne brand

Efficient Contaminant Screening

Micro-flow Imaging (MFI) gathers rich morphological data and uses powerful software tools to classify different particle types in solution. Likewise, our reliable analytical platforms can help you accurately identify and differentiate between potential sources of bioprocess contaminants to confirm the quality and stability of your therapeutic.

Single-cell western instrument Milo

Gene Transfer Assessment

See how our Single-cell Western platforms can differentiate between hemoglobin subunits and measure their expression in single red blood cells. Commercial, off-the-shelf reagents provide added flexibility for your cell and gene therapy experiments.

ProteinSimple instruments - ProteinSimple Ella machine, Protein Simple Maurice instrument and ProteinSimple Jess western platform

Therapy Response Profiling

ProteinSimple platforms provide simple yet sophisticated solutions for biomarker and cell type profiling and characterization. From immuno-oncology and vaccines to cell therapy, explore ProteinSimple research applications by area of interest or by instrument.

This new eBook provides an overview of several biological and manufacturing challenges facing the development and production of T cell therapies. It follows with examples of how Bio-Techne products and services can address these challenges at each stage of the process.

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