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Jess Automated Western Blot System

Bio-Techne includes ProteinSimple | Catalog # 004-650

Jess Simple Western System
Multiplexed analysis of total AKT and pAKT with total protein normalization using Jess

Jess Provides Fully Automated Western Blot Analysis

ProteinSimple’s Jess™ is a Simple Western™ instrument, an innovative technology from Bio-Techne, that performs capillary-based immunoassays and fully automated Western blot analysis, taking the complexity out of traditional immunoassays like Western blot and ELISA and filling in their shortcomings.

How Does Simple Western with Jess Work?

Jess automates the protein separation and immunodetection of traditional Western blotting, eliminating many of the tedious, error-prone steps. Just load your samples and reagents into the microplate, and Jess does the rest. She separates your protein by size and precisely manages antibody additions, incubations, washes and even the detection steps. Come back to fully quantitative results in just 3 hours. With Jess’s chemiluminescent and best-in-class fluorescent detection you’ll get picogram-level sensitivity, built-in total protein normalization, and highly reproducible ELISA-like results with molecular weight characterization. ProteinSimple’s Jess automated Western blot system - she’s like Western blot meets ELISA in one.
Chris LaBreck, Ph.D., Senior Product Scientist, Cell Signaling Technology

"Using Jess has been extremely rewarding, especially due to how easy it was to transfer our western blotting assays to a fully automated format on Simple Western and how well CST antibodies perform on the platform."
 - Chris LaBreck, Ph.D., Senior Product Scientist, Cell Signaling Technology (CST)

Nicolas Bazan thumbnail

"It saves so much time! It takes away so much of the pipetting and manipulation error. You just load your samples and wait for results, and in the meantime, you can dedicate yourself to other activities."
 - Nicolas G. Bazan, M.D., Ph.D., Director, LSUHSC Neuroscience Center of Excellence

Rachel Doidge thumbnail

"Our clients expect high-quality data with rapid turnarounds. Jess allows me to accurately assess drug compound potency, and with its high throughput ability I can screen multiple compounds quickly and efficiently."
 - Rachel Doidge Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist, Aurelia Bioscience

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Jess Certified Service Provider Program

Find an Expert to Process Your Samples with Jess

Our CSP program combines dedicated expertise with Bio-Techne’s elite instrument portfolio including Jess to create a robust solution for effective, reliable sample analysis. The service providers listed below have successfully completed Bio-Techne’s CSP training program and are certified to run your samples on Bio-Techne instruments.  

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  • Jess Simple Western System
    Name: Anonymous
    Verified Customer | Posted 03/30/2023
    Easy to use, very short learning curve. Can achieve data quickly with little hands-on time. Software has many useful features for data analysis. Best part is the low sample volume that is required.

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Testimonials from your Peers for Simple Western

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"Using Simple Western has been extremely rewarding, especially due to how easy it was to transfer our western blotting assays to a fully automated format on Simple Western and how well CST antibodies perform on the platform."

Chris LaBreck, Ph.D., Senior Product Scientist, Cell Signaling Technology (CST)

"Simple Western™ allows us to run three-hour assays, which would usually take us two days with traditional Western blots."

Laura Martins, Ph.D., Early Development Scientist, Oxford Biomedica

"Jess allows us to immediately identify potential autophagy biomarkers as they are upregulated or downregulated in response to treatment. This allows us to use more advanced statistical techniques such as principal component analysis and hierarchal clustering to recognize key correlations in our research with ease"

John K. Blackwood PhD, Head of Biology, and Jakub Stefaniak PhD, Samsara Therapeutics

"The introduction of an Abby will enable us to answer important questions quicker, such as identifying the disease driving mechanism and molecules surrounding osteoarthritis. Moving away from the tedious manual western blotting process, which can take up to two days, and introducing automation will speed up time to data and provide increased sensitivity and accuracy."

Dr. Mario Rothbauer, Postdoc Researcher, Department of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery, Medical University of Vienna

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More Information About Jess Automated Western Blot System

Simple Western assays on Jess are automated, capillary-based immunoassays that solve many of the challenges that come with traditional Westerns. All assay steps from protein separation, immunoprobing, detection, and analysis are fully automated. The variability in the manual processes that impact reproducibility, quantitation, time to result, and overall data reliability is eliminated. Best of all, the transition is simple—the same antibodies you use for Western blotting protocols can be used with Simple Western assays.
Your sample, separation matrix, stacking matrix, antibodies, and reagents are loaded automatically from a specially designed plate. Jess begins by aspirating the separation matrix and then the stacking matrix into each capillary. Next, your sample is loaded, and capillaries are lowered to make contact with running buffer. Voltage is applied to enable separation by molecular weight. Once the separation is complete, UV light immobilizes the proteins to the capillary wall. With proteins now immobilized and the matrix cleared of the capillary, Jess starts the immunoprobing process. In just 3 hours you'll have quantitative, size-based data ready for analysis.

Jess is a trademark of ProteinSimple, Corp.

Description Total Protein Specification Chemiluminescence and Stellar Fluorescence Specification Classic Fluorescence Specification Protein Normalization Specification
Sample required 0.3-1.2 µg 0.6-1.2 µg 2-4 µg 0.6-4 µg
Volume required 3 µL/well
Size range Molecular weight (MW) ladder ranges from 2-440 kDa
Sizing CV <10%
Intra-assay CV <15% <20%
Inter-assay CV <20%** <20%* <20% <20%
Resolution (± percent difference in MW) ± 15-20% for MW <20 kDA
± 10% for MW >20 kDa
Quantitation CV <20% (total protein, chemiluminescence and fluorescence) N/A
Dynamic range 2-3 logs 3-4 logs 1 logs
Sensitivity ng Low pg High pg ng
Capillary 5 cm, 100 µm, 400 nL
Runtime <3 hours <4 hours with immunoassay
Samples per run 13 or 25
Weight 23 kg
Dimensions (closed) 0.36 m H X 0.3 m W X 0.57 m D
Dimensions (open) 0.36 m H x 0.53 m W x 0.57 m D
Power US/CAN 120 V AC, 60 hz, 4.2 amps
Europe 240 AC, 50 Hz, 2.1 amps
Japan 100 AC, 50/60 Hz, 5.0 amps
Operating temperature 18-24 °C
Operating humidity 20-60% relative, non-condensing
* Inter-assay CV is calculated with normalization to the system control protein
** Percent peak area