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Request a sample of a GMP cytokine or growth factor that we produce in our GMP manufacturing facility. This facility is entirely animal-free and features large-scale bioreactors with room for expansion, backed by experienced manufacturing, quality, and regulatory teams.

Incorporate GMP proteins in your process to help make your transition to clinical manufacturing as efficient as possible. Each GMP cytokine and growth factor is directly comparable to our preclinical animal-free version.

  • Scalable through commercialization
  • Large lot sizes mean less bridging.
  • Full Quality and Regulatory support
  • Master Files available
  • Dedicated animal-free manufacturing facility
Free GMP Protein Sample IL-10

Manufacturing Consistency of GMP Proteins

Analysis of 3 Production Lots

For purity analysis by charge separation (left), three production lots of Recombinant Human IL-7 GMP Protein were analyzed by Maurice icIEF using native fluorescence detection (Mkr 5.85 and 9.99 are pl Markers). For purity analysis by size separation (right), three production lots were analyzed by Maurice CE-SDS PLUS (IS is an Internal Standard). A gel-like representation of the purity analysis data (inset) can be obtained from the Lane View feature in Compass software for iCE. Both graphs represent superimposed profiles from the three runs, showing excellent manufacturing consistency.

See our application note Simplify the Qualification of Your GMP Proteins with Maurice™ for technical details.


For similar data on additional GMP proteins, see

Ancillary Proteins for Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Cytokines and growth factors are used as cell culture supplements for the production of cell-based medicines. The reliability of a cell therapy manufacturing process depends on the quality, consistency, and dependable supply of these ancillary materials. The choice of a GMP protein supplier is a crucial decision, and effective supplier partnering can help reduce manufacturing risk due to process failures. Relationships with suppliers must be more than transactional.

To learn more, watch our webinar Key Considerations for Cytokine Supplier Selection for Cell Therapies

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