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Multiplex immunoassays for biomarker research

Luminex High Performance Immunoassays

Pre-defined Luminex multiplex panels are designed using key analytes from chosen research areas. These precise and accurate Luminex panels are optimized with custom diluents and extensively validated by the experts that bring you the immunoassay industry gold standard QuantikineTM ELISA kits.

  • Correlated to the gold standard Quantikine ELISA
  • Validated for specificity, precision, stability, linearity, and recovery
  • Kits available for human and non-human primate analytes
  • Premix or user-mix
  • Consistent and accurate results from lot-to-lot
  • Extensive menu
  • Small sample volume (<50 uL)
  • Assays performed in under 5 hours

Luminex High Performance Assays Correlated to Gold Standard Quantikine ELISAs

Figure comparing Luminex assays to Quantikine ELISA kits in Cell Culture Supernate From Adipocytes

Cell culture supernate from adipocytes were analyzed using both Luminex High Performance Assays and Quantikine ELISAs
Cell culture supernate from pre-adipocytes before and after differentiation were harvested at the time points indicated and frozen.  Following collection, samples were analyzed using Human Leptin and Human Total MMP-3 Quantikine ELISAs (blue bars; Catalog # DLP00 and DMP300, respectively) and Luminex High Performance Human Cytokine Panel B and Human MMP Panel (orange bars; Catalog # LBHS000 and LMPM000, respectively).

Cell Culture Supernate From Sw1353 Figs

Cell culture supernate from SW1353 human chondrosarcoma cells were analyzed using both Luminex High Performance Assays and Quantikine ELISAs.

Cell culture supernate from SW1353 cells were either unstimulated or stimulated with 5 ng/mL IL-1 alpha and 10 ng/mL OSM, harvested 24 hours later, and frozen.  Following collection, samples were analyzed using Human CXCL10/IP-10, Human Total MMP-3, and Human Pro-MMP-13 Quantikine ELISAs (blue bars; Catalog # DIP100DMP300, and DM1300, respectively) and Luminex High Performance Human Cytokine Panel B and Human MMP Panel (orange bars; Catalog # LBHS000 and LMPM000, respectively).

Superior Performance Over the Competition

Percentage Recovery of Luminex Panels in Serum

Human Luminex Performance Panel Recovery Competitor Comparison. Human XL Cytokine Luminex Performance Panel (Catalog #FCSTM18) run against similar cytokine panels from two leading competitors. Analytes spiked at three known concentrations throughout the range of the assay and run to measure response of the spiked sample matrix. In spike and recovery experiments, natural samples are spiked with the recombinant target analyte of interest to identify interference caused by sample matrices. Average percent recovery is shown for all common analytes. Red bars indicate design specifications for High-Performance Luminex assays (70%-130%).

New! XMAP® INTELLIFLEX Instruments

New multiplex analysis instruments to propel your research.

  • Available in single and dual reporter options
  • Largest dynamic range
  • Reduced footprint
  • Automation compatible hardware

Quantist Luminex Data Analysis Software

Bio-Techne's Quantist Luminex data analysis software helps you extract insight from complexity. Use this software to evaluate the quality of your standards, controls, and unknowns. Evaluate the long-term consistency of your Luminex data by using Quantist to make inter-assay comparisons. Try before you buy. Free 30-day evaluation licenses are available.

  • Intuitive design
  • Easily compare multiple assays
  • Quickly exclude outliers and low bead counts
  • Compatible with CSV files from all Luminex Instruments

Immunoassays for Classification of Th1, Th2, and Th17 CD4+ T Cell Differentiation

  • Differentiate CD4+ T cells into Th1, Th2, and Th17 cells
  • Assay cell culture supernates with R&D Systems Luminex panels
  • Measured cytokine profiles consistent with expected results
Luminex Assay Users Guide

Luminex Assays User Guide

Learn and understand how multiplexing with R&D Systems Luminex immunoassays can benefit your workflow. We have a clear and easy guide to Luminex multiplex immunoassays. 

  • What is a Luminex multiplex immunoassay
  • Benefits of multiplexing
  • How R&D Systems ensures performance and consistency
  • Running an assay
  • Data analysis
  • Best practices and techniques
Immunoassay Quality Fundamentals Guide

Immunoassay Quality Fundamentals

Get consistent reproducible data every time with R&D Systems Luminex High Performance Assays. Rigorous quality control testing of immunoassays to meet strict performance specifications including intra- and inter-assay precision, assay linearity, and spike recovery ensure data accuracy for all validated sample types.

  • Recovery
  • Linearity
  • Specificity
  • Consistency
Custom Luminex assay antibody, analyte and species options

Custom Luminex Services

Utilize R&D Systems astounding collection of in-house proteins and antibodies to design a Luminex multiplex immunoassay panel to fit your research needs.

  • New analyte development
  • Bead region conflict resolution
  • Bulk packaging
  • Lot sequestration

Featured Application Areas

green immune cell sending out cytokines

Immune Response Profiling

Luminex High Performance assays are an excellent tool for immune response profiling. Profile up to 45 targets in each sample.


Immuno-Oncology Research

Bio-Techne offers a broad range of sensitive and accurate immunoassays for immuno-oncology research.

Unique Animal Model Systems

Unique Animal Model Systems

With hundreds of immunoassays spanning 19 different species, Bio-Techne can support your unique model organism research.

Automated ELISA systems Ella runs single, multianalyte and multiplex immunoassays

Analytical Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy

Rigorously characterize your products for the safest possible therapies. Our platforms enable rapid and accurate analysis of protein contaminants and vectors.

Luminex®, MAGPIX®, Luminex® 200™, FLEXMAP 3D®, and xMAP INTELLIFLEX® are Registered Trademarks of Luminex Corporation.

Free Quantist License Terms and Conditions

Full Terms and Conditions: Offer is valid for orders placed on or before June 30th, 2023. Receive a free Quantist Software license, catalog #QUANTIST-1, when you spend $15,000 USD or equivalent currency in Luminex assays. Discount code “FreeQuantist” must be quoted at time of order. When ordering, Luminex Assays and QUANTIST-1 must be included in the order. Luminex assays can be a combination of Discovery, High Performance, and Fixed kits. Offer is valid for North American and Europe customers only. Promotion limited to one use per customer. Offer only valid on orders placed directly with Bio-Techne and excludes Bio-Techne distributors. Other exclusions may apply. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts, for prior purchases, or orders pending. No credits will be issued. All requests subject to availability and approval by Bio-Techne.