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Assay Setup for Jess & Abby

Your Guide to Separation and Detection Module Setup

Assay setup on Jess or Wes is simple. Just pipette your sample and reagents into the microplate and Jess/Wes separates your proteins by size, and precisely managing antibody additions, incubations, washes and even the detection steps. Watch our videos to help you get started.

Reagent Preparation

Prepare Your Reagents

Plate Setup

Jess Training: Your Protein Analysis Solution For Automated Western Blots

Start Your Assay & Analyze Results

Download our Quick Reference Guide: Compass Software for Simple Western Size Assays to learn how to start your assay in Compass for Simple Western™ and analyze your results.

Looking for help getting started with Simple Western or are you ready to take your skills to the next level? Check out the ProteinSimple Academy for personalized training for Jess that lets you learn at your own pace.