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Vaccine Development: Examine

At Bio-Techne, we understand the importance of vaccine-mediated immune responses in your vaccine development workflow. You asked for consistency, accuracy and precision and we’ve answered with our extensive range of solutions to help you examine the immune response.

From fluorescent conjugated antibodies that help you characterize immune cells to cutting-edge transcriptomics that you can visualize – we’ve done the groundwork so that you don’t have to. Examine your immune research with Bio-techne!

Vaccine Development examine immune response

Antibodies For Flow Cytometry

Characterize the complexity of the cellular immune response to your vaccine with our fully validated fluorescent conjugated antibodies for flow cytometry. Monitor activation and inhibitory markers, cytokine expression, proliferation, and cell death. Find what you need to identify, characterize, and/or isolate your cells with confidence.

Paint the perfect picture - Proteome Profiler™ Antibody Arrays

Screen multiple targets in a single sample without any specialized instrumentation. R&D System's Proteome Profiler Anitbody Arrays allow you to semi-quantitatively measure more than 100 proteins in a single sample. Antibody array kits contain buffers, detection antibodies, and membranes spotted in duplicate with high quality capture antibodies. Since our arrays utilize chemiluminescence for detection, date can be analyzed in the same manner as traditional Western blots

Get set for success with Luminex®

Looking for an efficient, multiplexing immunoassay that’s more quantitative than traditional protein detection methods? Look no further – our Luminex assays utilize color-coded superparamagnetic beads coated with antibodies for unrivalled performance that’s been extensively tested and validated to ensure you get reproducibility and reliability, up 50 analytes that can be multiplexed together.

We understand that you need convenient and reliable solutions to examine vaccine-mediated immune responses and that’s why we offer premixed bead sets and custom analyte flexibility for superior detection.

Automated ELISA platform Ella runs single and multiplex assays for CGT research

Rapid Cytokine Profiling with Simple Plex

Time-consuming immunoassays needn’t be a problem any longer. Ella is here to simplify your vaccine development workflow with a hands free solution; with record speed and accuracy unlike any other. 

Simple Plex assays on Ella are our flagship solution for immune profiling. Please strongly consider featuring Ella in the space currently occupied by the proteome arrays. 

Go For Gold with Quantikine

Quantikine® - Go For Gold

Get results you can trust every single time with our Quantikine ELISA kits. We develop our ELISAs from raw materials, manufactured in-house, giving us the control over critical elements that affect your results - we ensure consistent performance over time.

Whether you need to examine IFN gamma, TNF alpha or maybe something a little different, we have assay kits for every analyte.

Single out cells with ELISpot

Single Out Cells with ELISpot

ELISpot kits are highly sensitive, microplate-based assays for the detection of cytokine secreting cells. Our kits are available for detection and enumeration of a single analyte or two analytes simultaneously. 

Complete ELISpot kits are ready-to-run and require no assay development or refinement.

RNAscope™ - visualize the art of transcriptomics

There’s no better place for you to examine immune cells and their responses than in their native location. That’s why we offer RNAscope – an innovative tool that allows you to visualize and validate the expression of vaccine-mediated immune responses while maintaining the spatial and morphological integrity of your sample. Identify cytokines and their cellular location in record time, with options to scale up with the HiPlex assay or check protein expression with our co-detection assays. With the ability to do single-molecule detection and design target probes for any gene and any species you can perform  high sensitivity screening of tissues for pre-clinical ADME and safety assessment.

Simple Western assays can measure serum antibody levels to confirm immune responses against an antigen, and to test for antibody production in response to vaccination.

Next steps – Assess Vaccine Efficacy

Looking to streamline your vaccine research? Our vaccine development workflow is designed by scientists for scientists - helping you get your vaccine to market faster.