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Biomarker Discovery

Assess your cancer biomarker candidates for analytical and technical reproducibility, then identify and track these biomarkers using our specialist instruments and products.

Biomarker Validation

Assess your cancer biomarker candidates for analytical and technical reproducibility. Then identify your new biomarkers and track them with out gold-standard instrumentation, including longitudinal companion diagnostics.

Biomarker Verification

Evaluate cancer biomarkers for use in companion diagnostics. We also offer Automated biomarker assessment assays for reproducible and specific results.

Resources & Technical Support

From posters and literature, to getting one-on-one support for all of your cancer research workflow needs - Bio-Techne can get you exactly what you need to streamline your research and get you better results, faster.

Featured Cancer Research Products

Cancer Jess

Biomarker Discovery: WES

Wes™ takes the stress out of performing comparative studies between different antibodies or samples .

With same-day answers and streamlined processes, you can fast-track your cancer research with Bio-Techne brand Protein Simple's biomarker discovery WES™ 

Cancer Ella

Sample Preservation: ELLA

ELLA, you can help you upgrade your sample preservation to a simplified workflow, freeing up valuable time for other parts of your cancer research.

In situations where assay availability and appropriate validation is limited, the Ella team with Bio-Techne brand Protein Simple has custom manufactured assays to facilitate further research progress.

Cancer hiplex

Spatial RNA Profiling: HiPlex

Expand your capabilities for spatial biomarker RNA profiling with HiPlex RNAscope™ Assays .

Detecting up to 12 targets in a single sample, Bio-techne brand ACD's HiPlex can expand your in situ hybridization potential, and make your cancer research workflow even more efficient.

This new eBook provides an overview of several biological and manufacturing challenges facing the development and production of T cell therapies. It follows with examples of how Bio-Techne products and services can address these challenges at each stage of the process.

Immunoassay Solutions for Your Workflow

Carefully tested immunoassays utilizing in-house proteins, antibodies and specialized diluents yield accurate and reproducible results every time. Discover, validate, and verify biomarkers with Bio-Techne immunoassay workflow solutions.

Leverage the Power of Exosomes for Biomarker Discovery

ExosomeDX™, a Bio-Techne brand wants to partner with you to expedite your biomarker discovery workflow. Collaborate with our pharma services group to leverage the power of exosomes from biomarker discovery to companion diagnostic development and clinical trial support!

Gene Engineering Services

Let us solve your gene engineering challenges so you can focus on groundbreaking research. Our gene engineering services team specializes in complex projects and hard-to-transfect cell lines.

For cell and gene therapy manufacturing, we offer GMP CDMO services that include process development for cell engineering, quality control, custom cell vialing, and regulatory support.

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