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Vaccine Development: Monitor

Get your vaccine to market confidently and quickly! Let us help you monitor the quality and stability of your vaccine at every stage of vaccine development with our range of meticulous, automated solutions - eliminate the variability of manual protocols associated with traditional techniques.

Deep dive into the world of sub-visible particles. From viral particles to contaminant proteins, our tools ensure you can differentiate and characterize without compromise.

Vaccine Development monitor vaccine quality
Streamline vaccine quality with ProteinSimple instrument: Maurice

Let Maurice Do The Work For You

Do you need to streamline your vaccine quality control workflow and get your vaccine to the finish line with minimal hands-on time? Are tedious workflows and complex analysis playing on your mind?

Maurice can help - with the highest sensitivity and unrivaled data quality in minimal time, all taking less than 10 minutes from start to finish.

Automate your process and control vaccine quality with ProteinSimple Instrument: iCE

Take Charge With iCE™

With complete automation, we provide an innovative solution to your vaccine quality control workflow, just pop in a cartridge, add your samples, and then go!

  • Rapid: get results in less than 10 minutes per sample
  • Reliable: eliminate variability with high resolution and automation – CVs under 4% day in, day out.
  • Ready-to-use: no set-up or maintenance
  • Increased throughput: add up to 96 samples in one plate
  • Compliant: software for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
Control vaccine quality with ProteinSimple instrument: Micro-Flow Imaging

Breakthrough The Barrier - Micro-Flow Imaging™

Confidently detect and classify sub-visible particulate contaminants within your vaccine formulations, from 1 µm to 300 µm, with our Micro-Flow Imaging 500 Series - with 85% sampling efficiency ensure you don’t miss a thing!

  • Sensitive: no particle is left unseen – detect translucent and transparent SVPs
  • Comprehensive: calculate size, determine concentration, and generate an image for every detected particle, allowing you to easily classify particles into subsets.
  • Convenient: add the MFI Bot1 Autosampler and automate your entire process from start to finish!
  • Compliant: USP <788> guideline and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.


ProteinSimple instrument: Simple Western for high reproducibility

Reproducible Vaccine Identity, Purity and Stability with Simple Western

Enjoy the benefits that Simple Western assays offer over traditional approaches like ELISA and manual western blotting including speed, automation, reproducibility. 

If you are measuring purity of your final vaccine product using detection methods like SYPRO Ruby or Coomassie staining, up your sensitivity and precision with Simple Western which offers SYPRO-Ruby beating sensitivity for detecting process-related contaminants, and adds full hands-free automation. 

Simple Westerns enable vaccine researchers to quantify vaccine proteins using a standard curve, identify protein fragments, and track protein expression over time.

Improve Your Vaccine Development Workflow

Looking to streamline your vaccine research? Our vaccine development workflow is designed by scientists for scientists - helping you get your vaccine to market faster.