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Stellar Fluorescence Detection Modules

Stellar Detection Modules for Jess – Highest Sensitivity Fluorescence Multiplexing for Simple Western

Stellar™ NIR / IR detection modules for Jess set the industry standard for Western blotting fluorescence detection sensitivity. Stellar fluorescence modules enable detection of low abundance proteins and multiplexing of multiple targets, including multi-color immunoassays alongside total protein staining within the same lane. Use Stellar NIR / IR detection modules with Jess and enjoy the following capabilities:

  • Multiplex multiple targets in the same lane including total / phospho pairs and multiplexed immunoassays alongside total protein normalization
  • Low picogram protein detection sensitivity using NIR / IR fluorescence channels
  • Perform total protein normalization at low concentration ranges
  • Superior signal linearity across a 4-log dynamic range
  • Full automation of the Western blotting workflow and flexible multiplexing strategies using Jess
Jess instrument by ProteinSimple a Bio-Techne brand

Meet Jess

Jess automates traditional Western blotting while maximizing multiplexing sensitivity — her best-in-class fluorescent detection channels and RePlexing capabilities get you all the information you need on your samples in one run. Eliminate tedious, error-prone steps of traditional Western blotting by automating protein separation and immunodetection and get fully analyzed western blotting results on 24 samples in 3 hours. Jess automated western blot system—she's like multiplexed Western blot meets ELISA in one.

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Stellar Detections Modules


12-230kDa Fluorescence Separation Module

Order SM-FL001

2-40kDa Fluorescence Separation Module

Order SM-FL002

66-440kDa Fluorescence Separation Module

Order SM-FL003

Anti-Rabbit Stellar IR Detection Module

Order DM-013

Anti-Rabbit Stellar NIR Detection Module

Order DM-014

Anti-Mouse Stellar IR Detection Module

Order DM-015

Anti-Mouse Stellar NIR Detection Module

Order DM-016

Stellar Total Protein Detection Module

Order DM-TP03

Protein Normalization Module

Order DM-PN02