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Custom LlaMABody™ Services

The Camelidae family of mammals, which includes llamas, sharks, and alpacas, produces multiple antibody structures including conventional antibodies, heavy chain-only antibodies (HCAbs), which lack light chains, and VHH antibodies, also known as single domain antibodies, which are composed of only the antigen binding domain, called the VHH region. VHH antibodies are increasingly being used for basic research and drug development as they offer many advantages over conventional antibodies including increased stability and penetrability.

Bio-Techne’s offers camelid antibodies, including HCAbs and VHH antibodies, through its LlaMABody product line. However, if you can’t find the right LlaMABody for you research, contact our Custom Antibodies Services Team. We can work with you to develop custom LlaMABodies for you project.

Snapshot of Bio-Techne's Custom LlaMABody Services

Bio-Techne’s custom LlaMABody services can develop custom camelid antibodies from scratch.

De Novo Custom LlaMABody Development

Use our custom LlaMABody services to develop native Llama heavy chain IgG antibodies and VHH antibody domains. We design optimal immunogens and immunization protocols to produce robust immune responses in llamas. A library that covers the complete range of circulating antibodies is developed. Clones that display binding to the antigen of interest are isolated and screened extensively to determine specificity and cross-reactivity in desired applications. Using our proprietary process, we convert your selected clone to a recombinant antibody and scale to the quantities you need for developing diagnostic and therapeutic reagents.

Bio-Techne offers services to create custom LlaMABody human or mouse FC fusion proteins.

Custom LlaMABody-FC Scaffold Antibodies

We offer recombinant engineering services to develop custom VHH-Fc scaffold antibodies. The small size of single domain antibodies offers many advantages, such as increased tissue penetration and rapid distribution. It can also produce some obstacles including rapid clearance from the blood stream. We can increase the half-life and potency of single domain antibodies by genetically fusing a VHH antibody to a Fc region of a human or mouse IgG. Using our modular cloning platform, we can construct VHH-Fc chimeric antibodies using different linker peptides.

Bio-Techne can create custom bi-, tri-, and tetra-specific LlaMABodies.

Custom Multispecific LlaMABody Development

Develop custom multispecific LlaMABodies for simultaneously binding of different targets. Multispecific antibodies are being investigated as promising cancer immunotherapeutics as they can retarget immune effector cells to tumors. Our scientists are leaders in recombinant antibody engineering. We will generate bi- tri- or tetra-specific LlaMABodies that are constructed with different antigen-specific variable regions. Employ our unique modular cloning platform to create a panel of multispecific single domain antibodies with different structural formats and linker peptides to advance your project.

Bio-Techne can create custom bi-, tri-, and tetravalent LlaMABodies.

Custom Multivalent LlaMABody Development

We offer custom multivalent LlaMABody development. Single domain antibodies are being investigated as potential neutralizing antibodies for viruses and toxins. One method to improve the potency of neutralizing VHH antibodies is to increase their valency. Our antibody development scientists will combine one or more single domain antibodies that recognize different epitopes of the same antigen in tandem to produce bi-, tri-, and multivalent LlaMABodies. Using our proprietary modular cloning platform, we will develop a range of multivalent VHH antibodies with different linkers to test in your application.

Bio-Techne’s offers custom screening of premade LlaMABody libraries.

Custom LlaMABody Library Screening

Screen our premade libraries to find a LlaMABody that is specific to your target of interest. Use our custom protein development services to generate an antigen for your target to screen our LlaMABody libraries or supply your own antigen. Custom screening of our premade LlaMABody libraries will save you valuable time and money and is an excellent alternative to developing LlaMABodies from scratch.

Bio-Techne offers custom conjugation of LlaMABodies.

Custom LlaMABody Conjugation

Utilize the decades of experience of our antibody development scientists to develop a custom conjugated LlaMABody. We have optimized procedures for the addition of biotin, enzymes, and a myriad of fluorochromes to single domain antibodies. Partner with us to quickly get an optimized, fully tested, conjugated LlaMABody at a scale to meet your needs.

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