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Webinar: Tubulin or Not Tubulin?

Webinar Summary

"Tubulin or Not Tubulin?  Heading Towards Total Protein Staining as a Loading Control in Immunological Protein Analytical Methods."

In this webinar, hosted by labroots, Dr. Moritz will discuss the usage of various normalization techniques in Western blotting and their implications in protein analytical methods and quantification. A brief overview of a fully automated, quantitative Western system that streamlines total protein normalization will also be provided.

Attendees will also learn about: 

  • The advantages total protein staining has over classical housekeeping proteins when used as a loading control in Western blots.
  • How technical and biological variation is reduced when using total protein staining.
  • Total protein assay capabilities on Simple Western automated Western systems.


Presenter's Bio:
Dr. Moritz is a postdoctoral researcher and research engineer at the Universities of Lyon and Saint-Étienne, France, as well as the Hospital of Saint-Etienne. He obtained his PhD in the field of neuroproteomics from Kaiserslautern/Germany and subsequently moved into translational biomedical research. His current work involves screening the human proteome for novel autoantigens targeted by serum antibodies of patients with rare autoimmune-related diseases of the peripheral nervous system. He co-discovered a novel autoantibody as a biomarker for an autoimmune context in neurological diseases (patent submitted).