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Video: Rethink your ELISA: Fully Automated Immunoassays on Ella

Fully Automated Immunoassays on Ella

Video Summary

Simple Plex™ assays on Ella™ eliminate all the challenges that come with running a traditional ELISA.

  • All steps occur in a microfluidic cartridge and everything is preloaded—even the calibration curve
  • 25 μL of sample gets you sub-picogram level sensitivity and a four-log range of detection
  • Highly reproducible data across users and sites in just 75 minutes

Simple Plex assays are powered by R&D Systems, the industry leader in immunoassays and makers of the gold standard Quantikine® ELISA kits, and continue a legacy of quality in immunoassays.

About Ella

Meet Ella. High-quality enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) automated in an hour. We created a miniature ELISA and made it even better with validated reagents from R&D Systems - our sister company.

With traditional or array-based ELISAs, you spend up to two hours performing tedious and error-prone reagent additions and manual washes, so these ELISAs are more prone to errors too.

How Ella Performs ELISAs

Ella's hands-on preparation time is just 15 minutes. All you do is add your samples and assay buffer then scan the cartridge to import the pre-loaded standard curves, place it to Ella, and press start.

Ella only needs 25 microliters of sample to give you great results. There's no manual washes or tedious reagent additions because Ella automates every step of the ELISA on the cartridge for you.

Go out to lunch and one hour later come back to fully analyzed, publication quality results from low sample volumes. See results your way!

You'll get relative fluorescent units (RFU) and concentration and percentage coefficient of variability (CV) that's highly reproducible at 7 percent or less.

Ella uses fluorescents for detection giving you better sensitivity than colorimetric and brought a dynamic range than standard ELISA.

The standard curves generate automatically which is a big time-saver. When the run is finished, you're left with almost no biohazardous waste, and there's no daily instrument maintenance.

ELISA Data With Simple Plex Assays

Here's how the Simple Plex assay offers better data. The basis of the Simple Plex assay is the microfluidic cartridge which automates all steps of the assay.

Inside the cartridge, the glass nanoreactor (GNR) is at the core of the ELISA. GNRs are analyte specific and optimized for high binding to the sample. With three GNRs in each channel, you automatically obtain built in triplicate results for every sample.

Their exquisite reproducibility means you'll achieve a low percentage CV for every sample as a single replicate, so you'll never have to waste precious resources by running extra duplicates or triplicates.

Whether you’re running a single analyte (72 x 1) cartridge for 72 samples or a multi-analyte (16 x 4) cartridge to run 16 samples with four analytes, Ella does both.

Ella’s sixteen by four assay for multiple analytes capability separates each target into its own channel eliminating any chance of cross-reactivity.

Even better, you'll get more data points per plate because the built-in standard curves leave more room for samples, and there's no need to run more than one sample replicate.

Now, you can get your ELISA right the first time every time you run it. Get data fast. Get Ella.

Learn more about Ella by ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand, by visiting the Ella instrument page.