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multiplexing immunoassays

Design Your Luminex Multiplex Bead Assay

Save time, money, and sample multiplexing up to 50 biomarkers simultaneously using Luminex Discovery assays.

  • Personalize your multiplex microbead immunoassay panel with ease, using the most flexible immunoassay design tool on the market
  • Most cost-effective assay for profiling multiple biomarkers
  • All assays can be performed in 3.5 hours or less
  • All panels QC tested
  • Panels ship within 7-10 days
  • Assays require small sample volume (≤50 uL)

Analytes Available By Species

Luminex Assays User Guide

Learn and understand how multiplexing with R&D SystemsTM Luminex immunoassays can benefit your workflow. We have a clear and easy guide to Luminex multiplex immunoassays. 

  • What is a Luminex multiplex immunoassay
  • Benefits of multiplexing
  • How R&D Systems ensures performance and consistency
    • Accurate detection
    • Lot-to-lot consistency
    • Precision and reproducibility
    • Sensitivity
  • Running an assay
  • Data analysis
  • Best practices and techniques
Luminex Assay Users Guide

Human Preconfigured Panels By Research Area

Custom Luminex assay antibody, analyte and species options

Custom Luminex Services

Utilize our decades of experience to enhance your multiplexing capabilities and accelerate research. R&D Systems, a Bio-Techne brand has a comprehensive collection of proteins and antibodies to design a panel specific to your research needs.

  • New analyte development
  • Bead region conflict resolution
  • Bulk packaging
  • Lot sequestration
Luminex Flexmap 3D multiplex instrument

Luminex Instruments and Accessories

Find the perfect instrument for your lab, and the accessories you need to run your Luminex Multiplex Assays.

Luminex Ordering Tool - How To

Using the Luminex Customization Tool

Learn how to configure your very own personalized Luminex multiplex immunoassay panel from R&D Systems.